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"Grass in the Shed:" How My Addiction To Drugs Started ...

by Annonymous

I remember it all started with one cigarette about a year and five months ago, I still smoke cigarettes to this day. When summer time came and my best friend had her baby, she got depressed and decided to start smoking weed again, unintentionally, I joined in just to experiment with Marijuana.

It all started out in her dad's shed, that we would go smoke out in and smoke with him in it, I didn't like weed at first, I didn't know what to expect until it made me trip out and I felt like I had to crap and vomit, yet I was hungry. I was all mixed up. I was only 16 years old.

But as time went by, my weed smoking went from twice a week, to every other day, to everyday. There was times where I was high on weed all day for weeks straight. I couldn't concentrate on anything and my mom and dad were so mad at me and couldn't stand the person I became.

My parent's were already mad that I had to repeat my sophmore year at high school online and all the bad habits I picked up over a six month time frame. As time passed, I got into pills, my second love to take when I would smoke marijuana. It was the best feeling I ever had and never wanted to come down, until it took me down.

It all happened when my friend and I were up late and couldn't sleep at like two in the morning and she said " Hey! I got something for ya girl!". I said "Really, what is it?". She said "Don't tell your mom but, I got some Oxycodein, and it's some strong stuff, want to try it?". I said " Heck yeah!".

And I took the pill, and waited for like fifteen minutes, then it kicked in, my friend and I stayed up talking and staring at my purple light bulb for two hours, just laughing and being ridiculous. The next day my friend and I went to see a scary movie with her mom, and I traded her something for another oxycodein, on an empty stomache, I didn't know what to expect. So being dumb I took the pill and struggled to stay awake through out the movie, that was the longest movie I ever saw and it didn't even scare me one bit.

That night I vomited and got really sick from not eating. I eventually took vicodin with weed, I loved it. Snorted percocet's with friends and got so high that I fell down my friends steps and strained my foot real bad after christmas. I lied and tried getting more pills from the doctor, but that didn't work.

I eventually got so high on oxy's that I turned all white and about hit the floor in my friends garage. Recently, I have avoided my so called " Friends", and because of doing so, I have good grades again in my online high school, get some privileges to go out, I get to spend more time with my family and can have a functional relationship with people around me.

I find it so hard and tempting every single day that a problem comes in my path, but I continue to stay focused with my school and helping my mom out with my siblings. I realized that the drug that I thought relieved my stress, only caused tons more of stress.

I am looking for a job and plan to go to summer school during this summer to get my Jr. credits made up so I can graduate next year instead of waiting two more years. Anyways, I hope to stay clean and not fall into such a deep stress and depression that was so hard to climb out of, I don't ever want to fall so hard in my life again.

I just have to make better choices of who are my "Real" friends, and who aren't. That's why there is people, places, and things. It just depends on the choices you make to stay away or continue to ruin your world and everyday things.

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Stay on track
by: Anonymous

Remember there are groups you can go to where you can talk and get support. It is not an easy road to travel alone and you are right to stay away from your friends that are users.These groups are important because you will meet people you can identify with and if you are having a bad day you can talk to them and they will understant and be able to support you.Good luck stay clean. God bless you

Grass in the Shed
by: Anonymous

Continue on the path you are on. You are on the right path because it is the hardest one. Staying away from drugs. My husband relapsed 3 times and this last time I thought he learned his leason. Sadly he did not he is still blaming others for his problems and has started drinking small amounts because "He can handle it" The joke is on him. All the work he did to get sober is gone and so is his family. So I tell you I am proud of you for realizing it is hard but you keep on the right path the one that takes you away from drugs. You have your whole life in front of you don't go back remember how bad it was on drugs by not forgetting makes you stronger. I use my husband as an example because he does not want to remember. Also he does not want to addmit it was his fault no one made him drink. You have taken that important step not blaming anyone. God Bless you

Spot On
by: C-P

You've come a long way and I'm so glad to see you've nailed it when you talk about choices, especially relating to people, places and things. Too many addicts end up relapsing because they're not prepared to follow that one crucial principle. There will be tough times in your recovery, but hang in there and it will get easier. You've got your hold future to look forward to, ruining it because of drugs would be an absolute travesty. Well done and keep on passing the message.

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