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Going Down Slowly: My Boyfriend's Relapse Into Drug Addiction

by Kelly
(Lancaster, CA)



I myself am a recovering alcoholic approaching my 5th year of sobriety, last year I met a man whom told me he himself had been free of booze and meth for 6 years, I believed it. Then it came about that 2 years ago he had been suspended from work for pissing dirty in a workplace drug test for pot, he told me he quit then.

Well, a month ago he was laid off and about a week later he came home eyes red as a tomato and acted stupid and stoned, I knew in my heart he was stoned, so I asked and his reply was "maybe", so I told him to shut the f up and that he was a b****h and a *p****y and a junkie, he told me that he wanted to tell me had relapsed. But didn't know how.

That was a month ago and with each day I see his dependency deepen; ever morning he tells me he is going to the Starbucks drive-thru, well, when I go it takes about 5 minutes, well for him, 45 minutes and he comes back glossy eyed, who in the hell NEEDS weed at 8:30am?

The hardest part for me is I have a 4 year old son from a marriage that ended 3 years ago thanks to the suicide of his father, whom himself was a recovering drug addict; my boyfriend doesn't understand the expected hatred I have for drug abuse, hell, it cost my son a normal family life, induced the status of being a widow on me and shamed the living hell out of me, but, he puts the "beautiful MJ" above his beautiful girlfriend (me) and he son.

I am moving out on my own, just got a new teaching job and have come to the realization that my career and my son come well before my need to be the girlfriend of anyone, especially a drug addict.

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Deeper concerns
by: Kel

Despite leaving him, as any codependent would I have seen him since our break-up, and he has slimmed down, so I believe the weed has stopped, but, his temper is on a short fuze and he seems very edgy, when we argue he says some of the meanest shit imaginable, could this be a sign of meth relapse? I have never done that narcotic, so I would not know.

You're my inspiration
by: Anonymous

Good on you; I will try and draw inspiration from your story.
I have endured 7 years of codependency with my heroin and speed addicted ex defacto wife,who is also on a long term program, using methadone, Xanax, and more recently, Suboxone.
However, she still finds some way to still want to use all the time as well as lying, cheating and stealing too.
I have had to take temporary interim custody in court of our 5 year old daughter, for her own safety, since when she actually could bother looking after her( and she was claiming a single parent pension fraudently and wasting the cash on her habit), she would take her to dealers and other criminals houses.
Now we have split up, she has the gall to ask for half custody so she can get a house on welfare and the cash benefits.
Oh and BTW, she's just hooked up with another loser - out of jail, violent junkie criminal noe, within 3 weeks of me discovering her affair with another man before that.
There's no way i'm gonna let her endanger my child.

by: Anonymous

Thank you very much...I came home today from new job and surprise he was in the shower in a half ass attempt to wash the stink of the weed off him, funny, his eyes still looked like hell.

You did the right thing
by: Anonymous

You've done the right thing because you can't allow yourself to be dragged back into the insanity a life of addiction entails. Your own and your child's well-being need to be your utmost priority and there is no way being involved with an addict will be good for either of you. Good luck with everything.

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