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General Practioners and their Addicted Patients: Most Don't Have a Clue

by Diana
(Sydney, Australia)

I'm a recovering alcoholic. Today, in fact, is my 3rd birthday - 7 years in and out. I've heard countless stories about GP's, psychologists, therapists etc suggesting to their patients that they do not have a problem.

Desperate, ill people having the courage to go to the doctor and then being enabled by the doctor's ambivalence. I've personally experienced it. Surely these caring professionals should be better trained to spot the symptoms and have a network of support to help anyone who thinks they may be addicted.

It makes me really angry. It's so well documented. This kind of dismissal so easily leaves sick people to struggle on their own in their active addiction. I think all doctors should attend a set amount of meetings to understand the illness.


Couldn't agree more Diana. Most 'generalists' don't have a clue. Anyone who suspects an alcohol or drug problem needs to see a specialist, i.e. someone who specialises in the field of alcoholism or drug addiction.

Best way to do that is to phone an addiction treatment centre and ask to see their resident psychologist or psychiatrist. Even one of the counsellors. They will be able to do a proper assessment and give honest advice. Doesn't mean you have to sign up for their program, but at least they can give you all the options available.

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practioners NEW
by: Geneva J. Schrack

Alcoholism is one thing that stirred my family in a hurricane of problems. My mother used to be an addict and no matter she would not quit. As a result, there were many scuffles and disturbances within the family. After countless counselling sessions and going through vast research provided by customized essays she could finally get into her own senses and realize the mistakes she has been doing.

Spot On
by: Anonymous

And you're most likely to walk out with a prescription for another course of anti-depressants, and they often fail to mention how damaging and potentially dangerous it is to drink when you're on those things. Not to mention that they don't work at all when drinking. Insane! Great post.

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