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(for my parents) Sister addicted to Meth out of control Bi Polar

(San Jose)

My Parents health is at stake!,! My Sister of 48 years old is out of control. A little history, gone through 2 bad divorces has 3 kids oldest one killed himself last year and had a Son who she can't see anymore.

So she lost her 23 year old Son plus her Grandson. Her other two kids don't live with her neither because she can't get along with them. She's Bipolar, hooked on Meth she's out of control and sometimes out of her head.

My parents of 83 and 84 are just at their wits end not knowing what to do with her. They bought a 4-plex so she would always have a place to live. She gets disability but its gone before you know it. My parents can't keep going on like this.

She has tried at least 3 times to kill herself and were afraid she's at the point she will do it.
Please someone give us some options what we can do legally to get her help.

We try talking to her she refuses. She's destroyed her place many times, the poor neighbors are dealing with a crazy women and we don't know what to do.

They said they've tried calling the cops but they won't come. We were hoping they'd come out when she's having one of these fits and see how out of control she is and dangerous, and a lot of bad people are going in and out of her place. Help!! Answer

If your sister is totally out of control and poses a danger to herself, you can try and have her legally sectioned/institutionalised.

The mechanics of making it happen may vary depending on where you live, but its typically a court ordered action based on the recommendation of a medical specialist like a doctor.

Your poor parents shouldn't have to be dealing with this anymore, especially at their age, and unfortunately them providing her with a place to live doesn't help her either because all that does is further enable her behavior.

Getting her out of your parents place may not be easy, but certainly something you should try and do, because despite the hardship she's experienced she needs to be held accountable for her actions.

Getting her sectioned is definitely something you should explore however - because when someone genuinely poses a risk to themselves, a court can order to have them put in an institution for their own safety.

But it does usually require the recommendation of a medical specialist, so you'll need to do research your end in terms of finding out the specifics of how to go about it. Maybe phone a local rehab facility, because their experience of dealing with out of control addicts, might mean they know more around the ins and outs.

Best of Luck

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