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Eric B's story: I've Realized I'm An Alcoholic

by Eric
(Rancho Santa Margarita)

Wow! I just realized I pissed on my rug in front of my couch. How bizarre is that. Its almost like I woke up in the middle of it, already finished peeing, but not remembering ever starting.

I just got back from a Super Bowl party but I don't remember getting home and I'm naked. It was only after I stood up that I realized how wet the rug was. So I started to get paper towels and rags from under the sink to try to sop it up, when my wife came out and said, "what are you doing".

I said I spilled some water but I know it's going to smell like piss. It's amazing how I'm coherent now, and texting this, but 30 min. ago I was pissing on my carpet. I feel like shit because I drank to much and I know it, but I drink every day and I usually don't have blackouts like this.

I mean I drink every day and in fact I just had hernia surgery 17 days ago, and I drank right up to the day before the surgery and started 2 days after. I was on antibiotics so I did my best to stop after the surgery. Two days is pretty good.

But blacking out and pissing on the carpet is just bizarre. I'm 50 years old and I know I'm an alcoholic, I've been drinking heavily for the last 20 yrs. and I've had blackouts before, but I just didn't think I drank that much more than usual.

I think that's why I looked up this sight, not because I'm drunk, but because of the peeing incident. Telling your story is supposed to good for you, right. God help me. I've got to stop drinking. I know it's going to kill me eventually. I feel like throwing up now, and my head is pounding.

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Feb 29, 2012
by: Kat

Eric B,
I like the bluntness of your post, no fakeness, just how it is...

Look on here for my post and read another version of how it could be. Drinking is a slippery slope and once you're on it it can get worse very quick.

After 20 years of drinking I would say you're lucky, my Ex drank for 20 yrs and lost his life at the age of 40.

As the other poster said, it will be hard to stop drinking but the rewards will be amazing.

I hope you take your no nonsense approach when fighting the bottle and wish you every ounce of luck in the world.

Feb 06, 2012
Now What?
by: Anonymous

Question is what you're going to do about it? You plan on staying an alcoholic for the next 10,20 years ... or are you going to get help and make some changes? Because believe me this is only going to get worse and the shit will really hit the fan if you do nothing and carry on like this. So good job for coming to the realization ... but now you're faced with the choice as to whether you're going to face this head on and do whatever it takes to turn things around. If you do ... it will be hard ... but your life will change immeasurably for the better. Good Luck

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