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Drugs Stole My Big Brother Away From Me.

by Brooke

I am 22 years old. My brother has had a drug addiction since I was 15. He is now 26 years old. That's how long my family has had to live through this ... and it's still going on today.

My brother was such a smart and funny guy all through high school. He graduated with awesome grades and he had so much potential. It wasn't until after high school that he got mixed up in the wrong crowd ... one of his room-mates partied a lot and my brother got dragged into that world.

He first started using marijuana a lot ... then it got worse. Pills, cocaine, heroin. Heroin is his main addiction. It's terrifying. He is not even the same person anymore. I've caught him shooting up many times and those awful images will be forever burned into my mind.

A few months ago I found him lying on the bathroom floor unconscious. He overdosed from speedballing. He barely survived .... he's been in and out of rehab and jail and nothing seems to help.

My mother just finished going through chemotherapy. She was diagnosed with bilateral breast cancer earlier this year. While my mother was in the hospital recovering - my brother went through my parents stuff and stole from them. It makes me sick. He does not care about anyone but himself and his girlfriend, who is also a user.

He has stolen prescription pills from me and just the other day he stole 100 dollars from my mother's purse. My parents have kicked him out but he is calling my mother constantly and asking for rides. He has also started calling my grandmother which really upsets my mom because my grandma is 76 years old and in poor health and she does NOT need this stress from my brother.

My mom and dad fight constantly because of what my brother has put them through. I even fight with my parents because there is so much tension when my brother is around. I'm just emotionally drained and exhausted. There's nothing nobody else can do for him. He is never going to grow up or get clean. Please God help us.

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Sorry for us
by: Anonymous

My brother is 32 and he is also same.
he dont work
he dont ever thing of working
he fight for money
he sometime stole money
he sell stuffes provided to him like mobile, tv any metal stuffs, he even ask for recharge card and also sell them as well.
he make millions of way to get money from family.
i alswys ignore him and try to make less conversatation. i know he will never be good again.
so you also dont care about your brother and take care of family near by you.

Thank you

I am in a similar situation....
by: ABC

I feel your pain, sadness, and anger.
I too and my family are going thru a similar situation. My brother used to be involved in so many activities and he was always "the LIFE of the party" i guess you could say. I always envied him and wanted to be just like him (mind you he is my younger brother, but i looked up to him) he is now addicted to Prescription pain meds and I am not even sure of whatelse there could be. He has became so MEAN and careless. he even got caught for stealing a credit card and said he wanted to change my parents have went into so much debt over his drug addiction and court costs, lawyers. he has became the center of attention in every conversation, its consuming everyone. we have a younger sister who i worry this is going to affect negatively. my parents fight, and are worrying constantly and i HATE seeing them like this...and me, i am growing to resent the brother i once admired. if you would like to talk please let me know, we can email or something. HELP.

your big brother
by: annie

dear brooke, i am sorry to hear of another family tradgedy as yours, but you are not alone. i to have been through this with my son. you and your family have to ban together and completely cut him off, stop taking his calls, change your number, do not let anyone in the family help him, i know this sounds horrible, but its called tough love. hopefully he will see there is no help from you and eventually he will hit rock bottom. even his drug addict friends will soon tire of him if he has no money. he will have to pick himself up out of the gutter before he will ask for help, and trust me they have to ask, no one can do it for them, then maybe he will get the help he needs. REMBEMBER YOU AND YOUR FAMILY DID NOT MAKE THESE CHOICES FOR HIM, HE DID IT HIMSELF, YOU CANNOT CHANGE HIM, HE HAS TO WANT IT FOR HIMSELF, IT IS NOT YOU OR YOUR FAMILY FAULT, YOU HAVE TO ALL REMEMBER THIS AND TRY TO GO ON. I KNOW ITS HARD BUT IT IS POSSIBLE.just don't let him finish destroying you and your family. my son has attempted sucicide more than once, his is in alot of trouble, he hates my guts, i am the worse parent anyone could have, he has cussed me, screamed at me, spit in my face, stole from me, and all i ever did was love him, give him a good home and put him through college, so it happens to the best of them. he is looking at 10 years in prison if he doesn't hurt himself before court date, all i can do is pray for him and hope that someday in prison he will see what he has done to himself, his 2 beautiful children and his family, until then i we have to go on, because again it is not our fault, PLEASE REMEMBER THIS, IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT. we have cut off all contact with him, he doesn't speak to me at all, so be it if that is what it takes, then that is what it takes, try this, if he can't get money or drugs maybe he will clean up, we all can only pray. i wish you and your family the best and i will pray for your brother alone with my son.

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