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Drink a Lot ... or Alcoholic?

by Adrian

I drink say 2 on Mondays, 3 Tuesday, 5 Wed, 5 Thurs, 8 Fri, 12 Sat, Sun 3 half-litres of Czech beer. I never loose control, I enjoy touch rugby more than drinking and never put beer before rugby. When I work I don't fancy a drink and when I finish I would rather watch a dvd with a beer ... I mean its in Prague and its 30p a half litre.

Everyone winges - say I drink too much, some people say Fri and Sat drinking is normal and a beer on Sunday is alcoholic. I never had a fight, don't do drugs, don't smoke, eat well, never miss work through beer and I don't drink any other alcohol

So do I have a problem?? I'm very happy how I am, others aren't, any advice?? Because drinking less for, is more boring of a life. Answer

Hi Adrian

Alcoholism isn't necessarily a function of how much you drink. Some people drink a lot and are fine. Others drink less and are alcoholics. The key thing is the effect all that drinking is having on your life - is it effecting you emotionally, is it effecting relationships/friendships, is it effecting your work, is it causing you financial problems etc.?

Because once alcohol start effecting you as a person - mentally, physically, emotionally ... and your day to day affairs, then it becomes a problem. But if you say that isn't the case, then maybe you're simply a lucky one who can drink large quantities of alcohol on a regular basis without it becoming a problem.

Why don't you take this test for alcoholism and see what that throws out? The thing is, many alcoholics are often in denial, the world around them can see they have a problem, whereas they can't. Whether that's the case with you, only you can honestly answer that.

Be careful of the fact that alcoholism is also progressive. Things can seem fine for ages, but eventually all that drinking catches up with you, and you end up with full-blown alcoholism without even realising.

Cheap or not, drinking that much beer can't be healthy, and at some point is going to catch up with you. So why not at least try have a few nights a week without?

Take Care

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good news
by: adrian

it does not affect me emotionally, i have a laugh a lot more and it never affects work, it makes work easier to be honest.

it does not affect me financially,

theres no point doing that test because ive done it with different answers and it says everyone ish is an alcoholic.

i think i'm way off alcoholism, if i could play rugby 6 days a week i would, and i never fancy a beer untill i clock off work

cheers man,

at the end of the day you go to a wedding or a party everyone drinks, that wedding last week would of been rubbish on orange juice

so am i a heavy drinker then?

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