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Dreams, Imagination, Color...Will They Ever Return

by Chad H.
(Danielson, CT)

Dreams, Imagination, and Color seems to be one of addictions favorite meals ... "Yes, I would like to order a dish of Imagination with a side of Color, and for dessert, an extra large Slice of Dreams".

To me addiction is a really huge person (monster) with a huge appetite, so you can bet that slice of dreams addiction ordered, will be gone, in fact, it may have even been eaten first and if the person sitting next to addiction is not careful, their plate will be eaten as well because that's what addiction does, it spreads like a super virus.

Ever seen the movie "Outbreak" with Dustin Hoffman and Cuba Gooding Jr, where they chase down this super virus that spreads through out the country, etc. That is how addiction should be classified and handled ...

It may not kill you in 48 hours, but it will kill you eventually if u let it. I mean it really latches on to a healthy host and consumes everything and without proper TREATMENT, IT IS UNSTOPPABLE AND FATAL.

Even the little things like music, for me, loved it, listened to it constantly ... addiction consumed that and after 4years+ of recovery, I am now just starting to get back into the beauty of music.

Addiction has the same properties as a major War. Unfortunately, they both generate money for certain "people" who live and thrive off this money at the expense of the addict. Addiction and War go hand and hand in so many ways. They/It live for battle.

Ok, Why am I writing this, because you need to know that there are options to arresting your addiction dead in its tracks. You can not kill it, but you can put it away for life with the possibility of parole, but that's where you come in, every time(relapse) is possible, there is a parole hearing, you go to it and explain why addiction cannot be let back out.

Treatment is out there, good treatment at that, treatment that works. The problem is, that it does not get the recognition or advertisement it deserves. We "The People" should be ashamed because it is coming down to the point where you can no longer hide or use the excuse, "I didn't know what addiction was or that it could destroy myself or the ones who love and care for me."

I'm not just talking about drugs either, addiction covers a variety of issues, gambling, OCD, etc. These are just some quick thoughts and it is nothing that has not been said before.

Repetition brings us the "Word of the Day" - TREATMENT, TREATMENT. It is out there, it can be hard to find, which to me is a disgrace. By the the time you are really ready for treatment, you reach the frontline of your 1st battle ... FOG.

At this point your brain is completely saturated by a chemical fog/haze. Your first job is to breakout the Halogen Fog lights, strap them on and fight your way to the door of a Treatment Center. If you can do that, then you have won your first of many battles to come.

The Next battle is crucial, you need to keep fighting so the Sun can get in and start to burn off that awful Fog so you can see what you have done, what you are doing and what you are going to do. Listen to every word these couselors have to say, become a sponge. Stick with it. The treatment, DO NOT leave or give up, it does get better.

Wow, more ramblings from a Veteran addicted brain. Sorry if some of this did not make sense. I am still new to this writing thing and me doing this is actually helping my recovery as well. I think I may see some Color on the horizon, boy that would be a great thing.

C-P has many great things to say as well as many great acticles you need to read, they will help, read them. I hope and pray for all of us to receive the strength we need to fight this War. Best wishes to you and your families and if I do not write again, may you have a Merry Xmas:) God Bless You ALL:)
Chad H.

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Dec 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

The more you write, the more you make non-addicts understand addiction. This essay is outstanding Chad! What an inspiration, and what a great viewpoint as to how to treat addiction. The analogy between addiction and war is dead on. This essay left me speechless. Again brother, you have found your calling. And who cares if you perfect the writing, you perfected the MESSAGE, so what the heck else matters??? Love you brother, see you on the 22nd.

Dec 04, 2012
by: Chad H

Thank you for your delightful comments, i do appreciate them. Now as soon as I can learn compose or write an essay the correct way, people who need it might actually get the complete message and understand it..Lol. Please keep send those insightful articles, they are of great significance to me. Thank You again kind sir.
Chad H

Dec 04, 2012
Another great share
by: C-P

Thanks Chad ... another great share. Sorry for the delay in publishing, things been hectically busy. You've come a long way and your ability to communicate with your writing is fantastic. As you say, it starts with treatment and getting that professional help. We can't beat an addiction alone. May your journey continue to inspire and help others. God Bless.

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