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Don't Let Anyone Tell You Marijuana isn't Addictive

by Amii

Don't let anyone ever tell you that marijuana isn't addictive or that it doesn't ruin lives. Years ago, I was coming out of an abusive relationship and thought I met the perfect guy. "Dennis" told me that the only little flaw he had was very occasional marijuana smoking and that he could quit "any time". I believed him.

We moved in together and the problems started almost immediately. The occasional marijuana was an everyday event--he "felt" like it--he told me.

I soon found out he was paying back a loan to his mother because he had stolen his father's collection of rare coins while his parents were on vacation. Dennis admitted he sold the coins to buy marijuana, but this was all in the past. The first actual involvement with me was twenty dollars missing from my purse. I was a student and working as a home health care worker so every penny counted. Dennis said he thought it was extra money. He was sorry. I was upset but let it go.

Next, my brother bought me three music CD's. Within a week they vanished. Dennis said that he was certain I told him he could take the CD's to the pawn shop. I never even considered allowing him to sell my gift for dope.

That Christmas, my sister (who has since passed away) gave me a beautiful Gucci watch. Soon the watch vanished. I cried as I turned the apartment upsidedown looking for the watch. Dennis said he was sure he knew who stole the watch--my 14 year old niece had visited. It was obvious to him that Nikki had taken it. I still can't believe I fell for it--I stopped speaking with my niece! I now know, of course, he sold my watch for dope.

A few weeks later, a married couple I knew from high school visited and we had a great time. When they left I was so looking forward to seeing them again. In the morning, my last ten dollars was missing from my purse. Dennis said that Jeff must have stolen it when he went into the kitchen. I stopped speaking with my friends.

I then found out about a scheme Dennis was running. When we were together, he obtained three credit cards. A Visa, a department store and a clothing store card. My father went into the hospital and I used the Visa to order flowers before taking the bus to the clothing store to buy a pair of jeans and a sweater. The card at the clothing store was declined and when I got home there was a message that the Visa charge was also declined. I come to find out that to get cash to buy his marijuana, Dennis would charge high dollar amount items such as diapers and cigarettes and resell them for a dime on the dollar for cash. He would also give the store cards to friends, let them charge clothing and give him a few dollars cash for high priced charges.

Finally, the last straw. I received a letter from my bank that three checks had bounced. I was so stunned because I was so careful with money. I called the bank and they told me someone made three ATM withdrawals. I immediately went into the bank. The woman was most helpful. She apologized--it wasn't ATM withdrawals. It was three checks. Did I know someone named Dennis ....
I was sick and disgusted.

I went back to the apartment to confront Dennis. He said he stole three checks from the back of the book because he didn't think I'd miss them. He planned to go to the bank and deposit money before I noticed. But he never had money--he spent it on drugs. When I asked him why he didn't admit it when I received the letter from the bank, he said he thought the bank screwed up when they mentioned the ATMs. As I stood there that afternoon looking at this man I thought I loved as he swayed unsteadily with glassy eyes rolling around his head, I finally realized he was hopelessly addicted to marijuana and by staying with him I was lowering myself down to his level.

Lucky for me, an uncle left me a bit of money and I located a new apartment right away. Dennis assumed he was moving in with me right up until the day I left and I told him I was moving alone. He moved back with his his parents but still continued to try to maintain our relationship. Shortly after I moved I began getting phone calls from collection agencies looking for him--I gave them his parents' phone number. Several months later I relocated to another county.

A year or so later he asked my mother to tell me he'd received his GED and to thank me for the help I'd given to him. I don't know if he ever straightened out his life, but I'm thankful I got out when I did. The marijuana controlled his life and the events of stealing and lying were escalating to the point where sooner or later he was going to be looking at jail time. Please, please don't believe that marijuana isn't addictive. I sacrificed family, friends and nearly myself because I turned a blind eye to Dennis' drug abuse.

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Mar 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

You say don't tell me something and this is why. So how can anyone ever have a sane cogent conversation with you? I'm not going to try, that's for sure. But I will tell you this. If you tell your kids that Marijuana is addictive and you place it in the context of cocaine, heroin, or crack then you reap what you sow. This is because they "will" try some along the way and when they find out is not addictive they will be convinced that you, like all parents, don't know shyt. And with that they may try some other stuff that IS addictive and it will be your fault when the get hooked!.. plain and simple it will be your fault because you lied to them about weed.

Put it in right context and don't lump it in with all drugs... PLEASE!

Think about this.

Feb 25, 2012
Good article
by: Anonymous

The article was definitely interesting, but allow me to interject if you will.

Dennis was an idiot, plain and simple. I have had friends like that, and had to drop them like a ton of bricks. But addicted to marijuana? Not quite so. It was a matter of lack of self-control and apparently a low standard of morals. Did he use your money to buy bud? Yes, but I'd venture that if had a different hobby or 'vice', such as video games, he'd have done the same thing. He couldn't resist having cannabis (perhaps the same as coffee, food, internet, or work for some people)--a lack of self control, and he had low morals--theft.

As far as stopping goes, it's easy to stop, not so easy to quit. As a single guy, if I don't have the cash to pick up, well then I go dry. Be it a couple of days or months doesn't matter, the bills gotta get payed. However quitting is a different story. For me, I quit cigarettes. I didn't like how it took my money, made me sick, was physically addictive, habit forming, and had next to no social positives to continue smoking. So first I stopped smoking, then I quit smoking--the choice to not go back to it despite wanting to.

It's easy to stop smoking bud (because 'withdrawal' symptoms are very mild and last merely days), nobody wants to quit it though. The relaxing buzz but still cognitive, without the stumble and sloppiness that alcohol brings with.

I'm not really going anywhere with this just my two-cents.

Dec 28, 2010
are you kidding me
by: been there done that

Notignorant must be the worlds biggest idiot! Those comments are a slap in the face to every victim of marijuana addicts everywhere. i am 100% certain that notignorant is an addict themselves or they would never leave such an absurd comment. Typical behavior of all addicts, making excuses and shifting bblame.

Apr 07, 2010
Yeah ok?
by: NotIgnorant

I would first like to start out by saying I am sorry for all the bad things and hardships you have all endured..BUT that being said you are all slightly misguided, let me help you.

please bear with me it may seem I'm attacking you but i am not, read till the end and you will see my point. I read everything on this website so you can give me 5 minutes and read my entire post.

1. Marijuana has been proven time and time again to be physically NON-ADDICTIVE, it is habit forming and mentally addictive. I am 100% certain that person who was talking about her abusive boyfriend stealing from her to buy pot is a grade A idiot incapable of seeing when she is being taken advantage of therefore taking it out on MJ! you have got to be kidding me? how many times will you look the other way when you know this guy is no god for you? Yes, he was stealing to buy pot...people steal to buy alcohol and cigarettes as well. The problem most people have with marijuana is not marijuana itself, it is the fact that its illegal..every single point in your argument can also be said about alcohol and other legal drugs people abuse in far greater numbers. THAT BEING SAID. THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE PROBLEMS WITH ADDICTION, THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LIFESTYLE PROBLEMS, THE PEOPLE WHO GET BAD GRADES, PEOPLE WHO STEAL ETC.. ARE ALL MOST LIKELY GOING TO DO THOSE THINGS ANYWAY...IF NOT WITH MJ MAYBE SOMETHING ELSE.

Gateway theory. This is just retarded, people who end up doing coke and other hard drugs must have distorted morals and low self esteem to begin with otherwise they wouldn't need to move on to harder drugs. I have been smoking marijuana habitually for about 4 years and i consider myself on track...with a degree in Biochem and on track for med school but i could go on about how smart i THINK i am but i have no proof and no one will believe me anyway..get it? Does soda lead to beer? and beer to vodka?


I'm sorry that some people make bad decisions and let themselves get taken advantage of and do not take responsibility for their own actions therefore distorting the image of an already controversial subject. Every hear anyone say "one guy ruined it for everyone" This is not reason enough to keep me from enjoying a harmless plant. Do not infringe on my civil rights and pursuit of happiness and I will return the favor.

Marijuana is not 100% safe but who can say that? but it has been proven to less harmful than cigarettes and Tobacco.

Guns, legal prescriptions, cars, tobacco, and alcohol just to name a few all cause way more damage and death and are way more harmful to society than marijuana. Stop carrying on a useless war on marijuana because you were brainwashed with government propaganda.

Total deaths from the direct use of Marijuana - 0

Feb 15, 2010
Good story
by: John G

Very good story. Marijuana was the drug I used by the most, and with it I absorbed all the lies of the culture..."Not addictive...Isn't a gateway...Doesn't make you dumb..."
Well, maybe for non-addicts, marijuana can be an occasional thing, but for people who have the disease of addiction, pot can screw us over big time. And by the way, I claimed it wasn't a gateway drug while righteously popping pills and snorting cocaine.

Long story short, I know people who can smoke occasionally and be fine. They can take it or leave it. I however am not one of those people. Smoking pot for me is as good as throwing myself in jail and signing a death sentence.

Nov 26, 2009
Couldn't Agree More
by: C-P

The damage marijuana causes isn't given nearly attention and the fact that so many people regard is as harmless annoys me no end. It also ends up serving as a gateway drug to harder type drugs for especially young people and so a lot more attention should be given to its dangers. I also know a few people addicted to marijuana that have practically become zombies with no zest for life anymore and living life through tinted glasses fuelled by their drug induced psychosis, i.e. anything but reality. I must say though, I find the stealing part quite unusual because that kind of behaviour is usually associated to the more highly physically addictive drugs like heroin. You sure your ex wasn't using anything else? Thanks for sharing, you brought up some very valid and insightful points.

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