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Do You Think My Sister is Addicted to Drugs?

by Sarah

My sister had mental health issues in the past and was on medication for this. I believe she was taking Olanzapine. She met a new boyfriend in February of this year & she more or less moved him in straight away. Her behaviour towards her family including her 3 year old little boy changed.

She became very very aggressive and abusive. She has also lost about 3 stone in a matter of about 3 months. She was never a tidy person but now she lives in total filth. I wouldn't let a dog live in her house. My nephew is now staying with my mum and has been for the last 5 weeks. She has never called my mum or attempted to see or ask how her son is in 5 weeks.

My mum has called at her house a couple of times to see if she wants to see her son and she says no everytime. It's like she has excluded him from her life. It's like she does not care.

Before this she was the most timid person you could wish to meet. She never swore, she never drank alcohol and she definitely was not a nasty person. She has never been an aggressive person. It's like she has had a total personality change.

We have found out recently that her boyfriend is on Methadone which makes me wonder if my sister is taking drugs too. We are all at our wits end. We are really concerned. Answer

Hi Sarah

Extreme and unexplained changes in behavior are often a telling sign of drug addiction or developing a drug problem. So the isolation, mood swings, weight loss and the fact that she's suddenly showing no interest in the well-being of her own son - are very worrying signs.

We also tend to be most greatly influenced by those that we spend a lot of time with ... so if your sister is living with a possible drug addict, her going down the same road, especially considering her past and more vulnerable nature ... makes it a strong possibility.

You as a family need to try and arrange some kind of intervention. Try and get your sister out of that house for a while, and talk to her. Try and find out what's going on. It may be difficult, but see what you can do, because you do need somehow to get to the bottom of what's going on. And if all else fails and it means having to get the authorities involved, because you suspect drugs are being consumed, then do so.

You're right to be concerned. Find a way to get your sister alone so you can talk to her. Then once you know what you're dealing with, we can plan the next step.

Best of Luck

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addiction of drugs NEW
by: caron

Olanzapine is such drug used by the severe drug addictors. So I would say that your sis has been addicted to drugs and that her condition is out of hand. It's time to show her to essay service docs for immediate aid.

Nice one NEW
by: Norah Johnson

I’m impressed with this write up. Believe me! Drug addiction is treatable. I have seen my friends overcome this problem. The success largely depends on your will power. It can be managed successfully if you have the right kind of guidance.


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Need help
by: Anonymous

My eldest sister has bipolar , crones , and does illegal drugs. She has calmed down after her second time being rushed to the hospital for hemorrhaging due to a drug overdose. She has been doing Valium and fentanyl patch she weights maybe about 100 pounds she is 23. Is there anything I can do to get her off the drugs. My sister almost died 3 times and has my mom scared to take any action due to the fact that my sister trys to commit suicide every time she did try something. I'm scared for her life I tried the hospital and nothing due to her age

Do you think my sister is addicted to drugs?
by: Sarah

Thank you so much for your reply :-) It was really helpful. Several members of my family & I have tried to approach her and talk to her. Half of the time she does not answer the door & when she does she is very short with us & at times very aggressive in her manner. I do know she has stopped taking her medication and the mental health team are going into see her at the moment. (Although last week they went four times and she wouldn't let them in) The thing that is worrying is that in the past when she has felt mentally unwell herself she has asked to be admitted to our nearest mental health hospital for help. She has willingly done this herself. Now she is denying that she is unwell and is adamant that she will not go into hospital. I believe the only reason she does not want to go into hospital is because she knows that she will not be able to get her fix. Her boyfriend does make out to us that he is helping her but deep down i don't think he is. My sister does receive good money every week as she is on disability. If she goes into hospital he knows that there will be no money for him to get his drugs. I might be wrong but this is my gut feeling. We have spoken to the mental health team about my sister but they cannot really tell us much about how she is because it is confidential which is very frustrating! All they say is that they cannot force her to take her medication but without it she will not get any better. We did feel that my nephew was being neglected. When he came to stay with my mum, it was a nightmare taking him back home. He seemed scared to go back home & became very distressed which was heartbreaking to see. we did get social services involved a few months ago but to be honest they were about as much use as a chocolate fireguard! As i said before she did lose total interest in her son and he is now at my mums. I am so glad that he is because the thought of him being there with them makes me feel sick with worry. His welfare & safety are the main priority right now as far as i am concerned because that poor little man can't fend for himself so someone has to make sure he is ok. I have very mixed emotions about my sister at the moment. I feel like i want to really shake her and i am angry with her but at the same time i love her & she is my sister and i really worry about her. We really want to get her help before it's too late or something terrible happens to her but all we seem to be doing his hitting a brick wall which ever way we turn. Sarah

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