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Do I Drink Too Much?

My partner and I have been together for almost 7 years, I have always had 2-3 beers a night and on weekends more depending on what was going on as far as get-togethers and such.

Over the past year she has taken a job in a rural area and moved us. She totally quit drinking beer and is now saying she can't stand the smell and I need to quit.

I do drink 2-3 beers a night but have done without with no I'll effects. I never drive and only on the rare occasion do I get drunk but not stupid or crazy drunk. Is she being unreasonable?

Or do I really have a problem? Our relationship has been more on the friendship end for the last 2 years, but she says it's because I drink beer! Please advise! Answer

If your drinking habits are putting a strain on your relationship ... then why don't you just cut down? Because if alcohol isn't a problem and you value your relationship ... why not just moderate?

That's not to say you have a serious drinking problem. Maybe the 2-3 beers/night have no ill effects and simply help you unwind after a long day.

Or maybe you do have a drinking problem and are still in denial. Because ultimately it's not about how much you drink - but the effect its having on your life, e.g. relationships, job, sense of well-being etc.

Try take this test for alcoholism and see what you score. It will give you a pretty good idea as to whether you alcohol is a problem for you and how bad it is.

But at the end of the day, even if you don't have a problem, relationships are about compromise and give and take. Your partner doesn't like you drinking as much as you do ... so if you care about her, can't you find some form of middle ground that you'll both be happy with?

And if the two of you can't reach a happy compromise - you need to figure out whether it ends up being a deal breaker for your relationship. Certain behaviors/habits we're prepared to overlook ... others not ... it just depends on the people in question.

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