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Dani's Alcoholism Story: I Am Ready to Quit Drinking

by Dani

Again I was at work and received an email from my fiancé that he can no longer deal with my drinking and that he thought I was going to just drink socially, this I know now I cannot do.

Saturday nights we would entertain and drink lots of wine, in the morning I would have a beer while making breakfast and plan on having wine once noon hit so not to raise the eyebrows of my fiancé.

But it never stopped there, it would continue until it was time for bed and I was drunk. My children have always seen me regularly have a glass of wine on the go starting from the time I got home from work until bedtime.

I do not want this to continue and am now reading other stories. I am an alcoholic and cannot just have one drink without finishing the bottle. I was buying extra bottles to hide in the laundry room to refill my glass so my fiancé would think I was still on my first glass.

Today is Tuesday and I have not had a drink since Sunday and I am taking it day by day, I just have to make it today, its very hard to think of the future not drinking again. Today I will not drink, day by day I will look forward to this new venture and see things clearer.

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Well done
by: C-P

Well done on day 5. Keep doing what you're doing. Weekends can be hard but nothing needs to change in your approach - maybe just find some things to do you enjoy to keep your mind off the alcohol. And if things really get hectic and you have no one to talk to - just write, get all your feeling down on a piece of paper. Writing down all the crap floating in one's head can be a massive release. But you're doing great. Keep going!

day 4
by: dani

day 4 and still sober
i feel better than before, i have more energy today than yesterday and no headaches as of yet. not much of an apetite though.
i was craving a drink yesterday on my way home and i went to timmies and treated myself to a vanilla capacino it was yummy and took the edge of not drinking when i got home

i know its only 4 days but its the longest time in yrs that i have not dranken and im kinda waiting to turn into a butterfly.

the weekend is almost here and its a long one and im very anxious. this will be very very hard for me,
all i know is today i will not drink.

That's It
by: C-P

One day at a time. All you have to do. Keep doing that and in time it gets easier and easier. But your only goal should be to get through today sober.
Don't be afraid to get professional help either. Plenty alcoholism treatment programs that can help make the process easier. But so far you're on the right track so well done!

day 3
by: Anonymous

its day three of being sober, yesterday was very hard not to have a glass of wine making dinner, but i knew one turns into a bottle.
today i awoke feeling much better headache faded but i took an asprine anyway.
i have been thinking of drinking all morning on my way to work, sitting here typing, but i will not drink today and i cant even try to think about tommorow, today is all i have energy for.

i feel a little down my boyfreind still mad at me drinking too much 4 days ago, so no help there.
i can do it, one min , one hr, one day at a time

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