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Crystal Meth Has Ruined My Relationship

by Cristy

My boyfriend of 5 years has been a meth addict since I meet him. We have a beautiful daughter together. Life is good when he is home and sober. He is home for the week, but once the weekend hits he's no where to be seen, and if he does come home he's high.

I finally got fed up with his 4 days home and 3 days gone, so I told him it's either the streets or rehab and if he chooses rehab we could work on things. Well his month of rehab is almost over and now he tells me he does not want to come back right away because he is afraid he will fall into it again.

So they suggested sober living for another 3 months. Now, he asks me to move with him because the temptations here are are too much and it's too easy to fall into that life style again.

I told him this is where my home is, I can't move. I don't want to put my daughter and I in a situation I'm unsure about. So he told me now since I'm not going to be moving with him he is going to move anyway when he gets out of sober living.

I don't know what to do. I do love him, but my gut feeling says it's not a good idea.

There are already many methods of treatment for addiction to heroin or other drugs such as crystal meth, but they require the full cooperation of the patients for them to work effectively.

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8 years of hell
by: Anonymous

Move on find some one who doesn't have these issues It will never ever go away. My boyfriend couldn't handle any kind of stress so his go to was that to runaway from his issues. He went to rehab three times and 8 years later I wish I would have left him a long time a go. Living with him was horrible it ruined many precious years. Especially if you have kids run as fast as u can in the other direction unless you like the roller coaster of happiness and sadness and more sadness.

by: Anonymous

u have to move if u love him, he was very clear bout the temptations he means it trust me.. move sure its ever where but u could move agine, point is just get faraway from him now r move with him and try to make him happy with his new life. worked for my husband for 10 years, tell the 10 year he lost job stared up agine looong story short he riuned me and my two angles life 10 years latter i wish u luck doll. worth it to try.

Difficult One
by: C-P

It's a difficult position he has put you in. Asking you to give up everything in the hope that a change in environment will work and keep him off the meth. There's a saying they use in rehab that talks about 'doing a relocation' in the belief that moving somewhere else will somehow make it easier. It doesn't usually work that way because an addict will find a way of using wherever they are if they really want to. The most important thing your boyfriend needs to do is stay away from the people, places and things that contributed to his using (and he doesn't need to move towns to do that) and really work a recovery program, if he's going to stay clean. I know it's a difficult decision for you, but you also need to consider what will be best for your child. I'm sure you'll make the right decision. All the best and take care.

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