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Completely Beside Myself with Worry for My Granddaughter and Son

by Concerned Mom and Grandma

My 20 year old son and his 22 year old girlfriend are addicted to percocets and it gets worse. They smoke it and they snort it. As if that's not enough. The girlfriend did this throughout her entire pregnancy with my beautiful granddaughter. I am so worried about her safety and well being. I don't know what to do.

They have separated but the lies never stop. It goes from bad to worse. They both lie to me and to her mother about everything. They tell each of us a different story and have pitted us against each other. His girlfriend refuses to allow me to see my granddaughter every time they have an argument.

Now I have found out they are both in trouble with the law for separate things and they could each be facing jail time. I honestly don't know what to do at this point.

My son has agreed to check himself into a treatment program tomorrow for the addiction as well as severe depression. While I am happy he is doing this ... it doesn't fix the concerns about my granddaughter.

Any thoughts? Answer

The good news is that at least your son has agreed to treatment and hopefully it means he'll commit to a new way of life and embrace a life of recovery.

Should that be the case, and should his girlfriend continue her addiction to percocets, then your son could try and get sole custody of your granddaughter. Because if his girlfriend is in active addiction, she's in no fit state to be a mother.

The other option is for you to get Social Services involved because if you don't think your son and his girlfriend are in a fit state to be responsible parents - something needs to be done about it.

And maybe you could then look to take over custody of your granddaughter until they've dealt with their addiction and turned their lives around?

But right now you need to be thinking what is going to be best for your granddaughter - and having parents who are in the midst of active addiction and living lives that aren't conducive to giving her the love, attention and care she needs - should help guide your thinking on the matter.

Hopefully this does turn out to be a turning point for your son and he'll also come to realise that exposing his daughter to a toxic environment that comes with active addiction is a no, no. Which will then also help him make better decisions around how to handle things with his girlfriend.

Hope that helps. Take care and all the best.

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