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Broken Family

by Jordan

Jared, myself, and nate. our broken little family

Jared, myself, and nate. our broken little family

My twin brother and I were born into a great household. Seemed like the picture perfect family. And two years later our younger brother came along.

I am the oldest by three hours. My name is Jordan (I'm a girl), my twins name is Jared and Nathan is our younger brother. Jared and I have always had a special bond.

We never fought, always got along and to this very day I consider him my best friend. We talk everyday and hang out whenever possible. When Jared and I were 14 my mother cheated on my father with one of our close family friends.

She has clinical depression and doesn't quite remember all of what happened, but it ended it a pretty nasty divorce. All three of us chose to live with my Mom.

At this point I got more freedom. I began smoking weed occasionally and drinking. I did oxycontin once but never anything more. I one day realized the path I was taking was not a good choice.

And I haven't smoked weed in over 2 years. I still drink on occasion. I'm completely clean of drugs. But while I was choosing that path, Jared was the one who spoke up and said Jordan you're better than this.

It's him that motivated me to quit my shit. Then a year passes ... Jared starts smoking weed. We're 15 at this point. I told him I don't mind if he smokes weed. I honestly don't see it as a big deal but its not something I enjoy doing.

But eventually Jared used weed everyday. And then he started selling it. He started going to raves and trying harder drugs such as cocaine, ecstasy, 2CE, prescription pills, and more than that. But his main drug of choice ... meth.

I had no clue his drug use had increased so drastically. We are now 18 and he uses meth constantly. He also used alot of molly and even sold that.

I knew his drug use had grown but not to this extent until one night about 3 months ago he called me bawling. Saying he didn't belong in this world anymore. I was scarred he was going to commit suicide.

I picked him up and he told me everything about his drug use and promised to stop the hard shit. But I didn't believe him. His friends would call me and tell me he was doing the shit all over again but I didn't want to believe Jared would ever do meth.

So my family and I decided we would do an intervention. I wanted to stop the drug use as soon as possible. Jared has never been in trouble with the law so he still has a clean slate and a great chance to turn his life around.

The intervention was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do. The treatment plan was only 28 days long but Jared was very hesitant to go at first and then decided to try it. He stayed his 28 days and seemed happy about himself.

I picked Jared up on January 31st from treatment. Today is our 19th birthday. Its only the 18th of February and I'm heart broken to say my brother is back to his old habits. I need some advice and support from anyone who cares. I don't want to bury my best friend before he even really has the chance to live his life.

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Feb 20, 2013
by: Jordan

The day after i wrote this... Jared signed himself into detox. We are now looking for a new treatment center for him. I hope it works this time.

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