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An Alcoholic Mother and a Violent Father

by Emily
(British Columbia)

Ever since I was born, all I could remember is their fighting. I remember my parents throwing chairs around, plates, and forks and knives, anything that could hurt somebody would be thrown.

My father used to be a really violent character, now he's not, though. If something didn't go his way, he would throw a punch at my mother. My mother has had a crushed nose, broken fingers, a belt whipped across her face multiple times.

I've seen her at her worst. I've seen her taken to the ER. In the end my mother ended up in the hospital because of all the stress, one of the blood tubes in her stomach punctured and she was internally bleeding.

They broke up and I live with my mother now. I'm 16, my father moved out of the country, but my mom's turned into a drunk. She drinks everyday, and its really unpredictable if she's going to be angry or happy. It's really stressful because when she's angry, she becomes violent towards me now and I'm the victim of the situation.

It's unfair because whenever I talk to my father over the computer all my mom cares about is getting money from him and she would start yelling at me abut it when its not even my issue and if I start crying she tells me that I'm just like my father. I hate it when she says that.

I hate it when she compares me with other people, because I'm me not anyone else. I really need help I think I'm going to go insane. This is too much for me.

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Hang in there
by: Anonymous

Hang in there girl. It's terribly unfair dealing with that kind of burden at home. So find someone to talk to, a counselor or someone at school like a teacher you trust. Your mom's behavior is just not acceptable and you shouldn't have to deal with that. Keep showing the courage you have and find an adult to talk to you trust about how you can deal with the situation. God bless you.

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