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Amber's Story: My Parents Are Addicts and are now Addicted to Heroin

by Amber

I am 18 years old and ever since I can remember my father was always addicted to something - alcohol, gambling, cocaine, and pot. He has always smoked pot and probably always will - that's not what I am concerned about though. My mom also just used to smoke pot with my dad but I never really saw them.

First my dad had got a prescription for oxycoton and eventually was addicted to that - and after snorting that he turned to snorting heroin and it has been almost 8 years now since he has started shooting it. This literally kills me.

He was caught with 32 bags, went to jail and when he got out he started right back up. Him and my mother weren't doing too good and he was cheating on her. I hated that she couldn't stand up for herself and leave him, but no she loves him too much.

About 2 1/2 years ago my mom wanted to be closer to my dad and know what he was doing, so she snorted heroin. She got extremely skinny and became the biggest liar that I have ever known.

They both look completely different - sometimes our own family doesn't even recognize them. It's horrible. They will call and ask everybody possible for money and never pay it back. They will steal and sell stuff and anything that they find. I had to move out before high school was even over and my brother and sister have lived with my grandparents pretty much all their lives due to my dad.

I have learned that I can't change them even though it kills me that I can't, but I love to spread my story in hope to prevent people from doing drugs - and being a person that people can talk to because they're not the only kids who have addicted parents.

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by: Anonymous

Thank you for your article it is good to know that there are others children going through the same things as me.

by: Anonymous

I just wanted to stop by and say that i admire your strength. Im 22 from philly, and my dad has a heroin problem and so do i, and ill say it makes it a whole lot harder to try and stop when heroin is accepted in your house. So i see where your comin from and i wish the best of luck to you and you family.

simular stories could you help me ?
by: heather

when i read your story i thought of my own my mother is a crack cocaine addict i am 17 and my brother is 13 she has been out of our lives since i was 7 years old she just recently started talking to me again but then two weeks ago she went to prison she is now writing me letters saying she wants to be a mother to me again if i wuld allow her.... but everytime is the same... she did those drugs in front of me 2 months ago and said i was old enough to know what they are... i said when is your daughter ever old enough to see her mother do any drug. and walked away. what do i do? do i give her another chance?

please email me

Thank you
by: kelly

You will help a lot of people and we welcome you to
come at share your experience at sober living by the sea.

Keep Shining Your Light
by: C-P

Thanks for sharing Amber. It must be terrible watching your parents destroy themselves, but as you know there is unfortunately nothing we can do for people like them who don't want to be helped. So keep sharing your light and being an inspiration for others like you're currently doing. It's amazing what you're doing considering you're still only 18. It seems like your purpose may be to spread the word and educate the world as to the horrors of addiction, having lived through it in the way you have.

Thanks again - and please stick around here to help spread the love to others who need support and encouragement.

God Bless

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