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Alex 's Story of Heroin Addiction

by Alex

Were to start ... Well I guess I'll start with presenting me ... My name is Alex, I am 16 years old, I've got 1 little brother and my parents - and all they do is fight all the time.

Four Years ago I got kidnapped - for 3 months they didn't even notice, and if they did, they didn't give a shit. While I was kidnapped they abused me daily, and they gave me heroin and crack.

After that I became addicted to heroin for 4 years, I would do anything to get the money to buy it, from stealing to selling my body to other people. After like 2 years I got a girlfriend who I will call Jessy. She became my girlfriend and best friend despite everything that would bring.

She would lost all her friends because at school everyone knew I was a drug addict and nobody wanted to be near me, so after several weeks she started buying me the heroin.

One day my little brother found out and he dropped on his knees crying ... the next week when we took him to the circus (my girlfriend & me), I fell on my bed because I couldn't stand the effects of withdrawal.

I just tried to sleep and then my brother and Jessy went out the room to talk - I just could hear that my brother didn't wanted me to drug my self anymore - by this time it was already 1 year since he found out. I knew Jessy was going to move off house to another state so I couldn't see her any longer;(...

So after she left, 3 weeks after my brother came into my room, while I was very high he gave me a pill ... I took it I thought what can I loose?
I had hallucinations and fever for 8 hours but lost all the need to consume it.

I stayed sober for 6 months but last month my parents were fighting a lot and they made my little brother cry ... so I started taking heroine again and I don't really want to leave it. It's the one of the two things prevents me killing my self,... the other one is my little brother.

I don't really want him to know I'm using drugs again - he would be very sad: ( I'm already consuming it twice, one in the morning and the other in the evening. A teacher already found out but promised me to keep it secret ... she found me in the bathrooms injecting my self.

Sigh** I don't know what do ... I know I don't want to be an addict but the abstinence kills me + my parents are always fighting. If I can be granted one thing, it's that my little brother lives happy, he deserves it.

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