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Alcoholism Signs for Family that Will Help you
See Symptoms of Alcoholism in a Loved One

What are some of the alcoholism signs for family and friends? Alcoholics can be very cunning when it comes to covering up their tracks – so unless you spend a lot of time with that person every day, e.g. being married to or living with them – you might not pick it up all that easily.

But if you’re observant, you’ll certainly begin to notice changes – changes in behaviour ... changes in mood ... changes in attitude.

The kinds of things to look for when looking for changes in behaviour – are changes in drinking patterns like whether the person is drinking more ... being more secretive ... starting to drink earlier ... or spending less time doing the things they used to enjoy whether it be hobbies or spending time with family and friends.

You’ll pick up changes in mood by that person possibly becoming more defensive about things, especially when questioned about their drinking, and they may appear to have fairly irrational mood swings – often becoming withdrawn.

Changes in attitude by the person you suspect may be suffering from alcoholism will show itself in them losing interest in things they previously enjoyed, becoming more critical and negative about life in general – and just not being the person you used to know.

In fact, just knowing something is wrong – and the fact you suspect it – is probably the biggest alcoholism sign for family members.

But to be sure - for a comprehensive list of the signs of alcoholism – visit the Alcoholism Symptoms page. Taking this Alcoholism Test can also be very enlightening and will definitely help you establish whether a family member or friend is an alcoholic.

So as far as alcoholism signs for family and friends go – you’ll notice something different and your gut will tell you something is wrong. I could tell when my Mom had just had one drink – there was just this change in her I picked up on. So use the pointers I’ve given you here, go to the pages I suggest – and you should certainly have a pretty good idea.

Make sure you also explore the rest of this site - pages like the alcoholism marriage page that deals with the problem of alcoholism in marriages and relationships, what performing a successful addiction or alcoholism intervention entails and how codependency and being codependent is a type of addiction that also needs addressing - to help your understanding of alcoholism and drug addiction that goes beyond just recognising alcoholism signs for family and loved one's.

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