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Alcoholism or Drug Addiction - Disease or Excuse? Hmmm

by Jamielee
(Panama City Beach, Fl)

Well, this is coming from an experienced former alcoholic and drug addict. My father was an alcoholic, my mother a close second to him, my oldest brother died from alcoholism at age 52. My next brother was also an alcoholic, but health problems forced him to stop drinking, or die.

Thank God he is still here today. My sister has an addiction to marijuana, nothing else. I am recovering today from alcohol and drugs. So in all my personal experiences and all my readings about this subject I do believe that there is a certain gene in all addicts (addicts meaning drug and alcohol abusers) that makes a person more vulnerable to abusing than a person without that certain gene.

At the same time there is also this thing called "self discipline" that an addict cannot seem to apply while abusing. It is two-fold, 1)a genetic trait that can ruin a persons life by abusing, then 2)once it's realized by the addict that they have that gene - the pure will of that addict comes into play using self discipline to control that want, need or craving for that drug or drink and get help.

I know ..... for I have been to the mountain and back, both of them and at different times in my life!! People who have never experienced addiction are the first to say it's an excuse, but unless you have experienced this thing called addiction, you cannot fully understand how extremely hard it is to quit that drug or drink.

Think about the obese person that eats too much because it tastes good, or the gambler that can't quit because they have to have one more win. It's all relative, a weak gene that needs to be controlled by that person. Addiction comes in many forms, not just drugs or alcohol, but in food, gambling, sex, and yet something as simple as shopping!!!

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Alcoholism or Drug Addiction
by: Micheal Elijah

The disease perception of alcoholism is that it requires a considerate not just of systematic proof, but also of thoughts about
Narconon Fresh start
by: Narconon Fresh start

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self control/self discipline
by: Anonymous

Jeanette, I understand your thoughts, I visited the website that you recommended -great site, but government is not the answer, the answer is people using self discipline and not using their addiction as a crutch. People need to be responsible for their own actions as hard as it is sometimes to do that when it comes to the addict who cant let go. I am now recovering from alcohol and pain medication I have learned the positives of self discipline and I feel so much better about myself for having the "guts" to see it through and not let it get me. I have built so much self confidence, self esteem and just raw will power that if I went back to that lifestyle now I would beat myself up so bad I would have bruises from my own hits!! LOL But I am serious, it came to a point in my life when I said no more for me, I am done. I struggled and had a ew setbacks, but as time went on I drifted farther from those thoughts so now if I think anything I just laugh and ask myself now where did that thought come from -knowing that I am not going there again, it is too painful for me and especially the people who love and care about me. I would not do that to them or myself again. I enjoy life too much and I want my marriage back...I am still making ammends to him, so let this be a lesson to all if there is a spouse involved. I regret everything I did during those "fun" times. Turns out they were fun at the time, because I was not coherent but memories now take all that fun away and it means nothing except regret. I am still trying to win my husband back and I have been for 3 years now, he is just now coming around. He tells me that this is the most normal that he has seen me in 3 years and wants to take me to dinner...see, there are pluses, great ones if you will use a little self control and then just watch it grow. It's a liberating experience for sure. Jamielee

Really Appreciate your work
by: Jeanette

Yes It is well said. Alcohol increasing victims rising from all over the world and All Govts should take common action against controlling it but Alcohol also can be used for good purposes. Like you can see cures of many types by Alcohol. Visit Here with Proof

Hope you all like my thoughts.


Thanks for your comment!
by: Jamielee

Dear Anonymous, Your comment gives me hope that people who are not abusers can understand what an alcoholic or drug addict goes through in finding sobriety, it is a personal choice to stay in that lifestyle for sure, but I sometimes wonder if that weak gene can also be "learned" from upbringing! In the sense that- say you have 2 parents that allow their children to do things that the average parent wouldn't allow with no punishment for their behavior, so that child grows up with no understanding of self discipline. When that child grows into adulthood-this is where they learn the truth, they are responsible for their own actions and behavior, but so many adults at that point in their lives cannot change or do not have the willpower or want to, to even try. The ones that do take charge of their actions, I say congratulations! For the ones still struggling to quit, I say keep on trying and never give up until you conquer it, if you don't it will conquer you. Thanks to all for any support, it truly helps, Jamilee

Well-Balanced Argument
by: Anonymous

Well written and thought out point of view. There is certainly some kind of genetic influence involved, but discipline and the power of choice to do something should a problem become apparent are also huge factors. One may not choose to become addicted, but one can certainly choose to have something done and receive help, if one does.

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