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Alcoholism is not a Disease

by Murphy

People go to A.A. and claim remission of their Alcoholism.

Since when can one decide that they will put any Disease into remission.

Several of my Alcoholic friends have stopped drinking,cold turkey.

I wonder how they cured their Disease lol.

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Predisposition + choices ≠ alcoholism
by: Anonymous

THink I agree with you - this disease model is so popular, but where is the personal responsibility (even when sober) to seek help if the problem is too big to solve yourself?

Nor does the disease model look at all the harm they cause others ......victims of genetics? Genetic PREDISPOSITION does not mean certainty.

Alcoholism is a choice to escape
by: Laurie

After living with an alcoholic mother for my entire life I can truly say that I do not feel it is a disease but a choice. The choice to escape the responsibilities that all of us must deal with in life. I see my mother blame everyone around her for whatever in her life she is not happy with at the moment. She is not treated the way that she feels she deserves to be treated and so she drinks because she is not happy. Because she is not happy it is everyone's responsibility to make her happy. It is not. We each are responsible to make ourselves happy and to live in such a way that our lives have meaning, joy and purpose. If it was a disease I think more people would choose to try and get well. Who wants to be sick? If it is a choice, then why not stay drunk and blame everyone else for your miserable life. So much easier than being responsible for your own life. Just my perspective after living with it for over half of a century.

not a disease
by: Anonymous

As a former (yes FORMER) alcoholic, I propose that it is only dis-ease (ie: lack of ease/peace). Once you face your demons, work the 12 steps, address your chemical & nutritional imbalances, connect to your personal spiritual path and get on with your life, alcohol will have no power over you anymore. You take back your own power. I have no problem going months without even a passing thought of taking a drink nor do I have a problem going out with my girlfriends and having a glass or two of wine. But it took alot of emotional and spiritual work to get to this point. Along with tons of forgiveness, both of myself and others. I was not a high bottom drunk, either. I was in 30 day inpatient rehab 3 times. I was in and out of AA for over 20 years and steadfastly sober for 10 while in AA. But when I quit looking at it as a disease that had control over me and focused on getting healthy - body, mind and spirit, I achieved true healing and peace. I don't believe it is a disease that you are stuck with for the rest of your life. Namaste

Remission means it can come back
by: Anonymous

The fact that your friends have stopped drinking cold turkey doesn't mean they won't end up alcoholic again. People say alcoholism is in remission because it can come back at any stage, i.e. you end up relapsing. There is no lasting cure, you work at staying sober one day at a time, to ensure you don't end up hitting the bottle again.

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