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Alcoholism Is Not a Cause ... It's an Effect Therefore NOT a Disease

by JHBrisbane
(Brisbane, Queensland, Australia)

According to AA, Alcoholism is a result of psychological issues, such as fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, etc. This makes it a secondary. You cannot argue that something is a disease on the one hand, yet a symptom of an underlying issue, fear, or lack of spirituality on the other. Either it is the cause, or the effect, but not both. Thus, it must be secondary, which means the 'disease' in question is not alcoholism, but a mental disorder, behavioral disorder, or mental illness.


Relying on AA to provide a medical diagnosis is probably not a good idea, and the last time I checked I'm pretty sure AA do regard alcoholism as a disease.

Do like your cause/effect argument however and do agree alcoholism is the cause of an underlying issue and I personally like Andrew Weil's M.D.'s definition where he refers to alcoholism or addiction as first and foremost a spiritual problem because it represents a misdirected attempt to achieve wholeness.

But having said that, aren't all diseases an effect of something gone wrong in our mind/body make up? Heart disease is usually the effect of poor diet, lack of exercise and maybe some genetic influence is it not?

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AA is not outdated
by: Anonymous

You really need to check you stats. You can believe what you want, however many people do recover and stay abstinant for life. Please go an read the BIG BOOK: the entire book, focus on the Dr.'s opinion. Thousands of people can't be lying. Oh and by the way, you would be suprised at how many professionals rely on AA. Past the 11th grade, How about that. AA may not be the best way to arrive at sobriety, but its the best thats availiable, and its free. Of course treatment is a component that is necessary for many, however you cant go home with treatment,but you can go home and attend a meeting. it's the unity of the group. is that so hard to understand?

aa is outdated.
by: Anonymous

I agree with the above comment, relying on AA for a medical diagnosis is not a good idea. AA is not a medical entity, the members have no qualifications whatsoever to give any one any medical advise, with the exception of advising one to go to the E.R., doctor, etc. Yet members advise other members not to see a doctor, not to take prescribed meds for diagnosed mental illnesses, AA has been sued for this behavior. Of course, they quietly & quickly settle out of court & do not advise the fellowship of these incidents. AA has a very low success rate, less than 2%, the average member has an 11th grade education. Addiction occurs due to many factors, genetically predisposed to depression, mental illness, chemical imbalances, environmental factors, drinking & smoking in front of children, families & people with problems are more likely to self medicate, etc. also socio/economic factors, so many factors can & do contribute to addiction. One is not spiritual deficient, come on, this was all the Oxford Group had 70 years ago, shaming the addict into quitting, Puritan society, non tolerant, etc., ages ago. Often the solution to addiction is treating the underlying cause medically, with therapy, etc., by qualified professionals. One must first recognize there is a solution, it is not a stage four cancer diagnosis.

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