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Alcoholism Is No Disease

by Tom

Alcoholism is certainly no disease. How can you compare it to things like cancer - over which people have absolutely no control - to drinking alcohol or taking drugs, which is a choice and which you can stop doing at any time you wish?

I think people who have developed a problem with alcohol etc. need to take more responsibility for their behaviour - and stop hiding behind this 'disease myth, so I can't control it.'

It's all in your head - and if you keep telling yourself you can't stop or you can't control it, that's what you'll believe and do. Tell yourself you can and that's what you'll do.

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I don't agree with you - alcoholism is a disease. People who are suffering from it - cannot control themselves, they become aggressive and angry and they need professional help. I wish everyone to have a good health. Please keep it good posting. By the way - you may use and be sure in high quality all of your new posts.

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Interesting Opinion Tom
by: Anonymous

I hear where you're coming from. But there's more to addiction than saying it's simply about choosing not to take drink or drugs. That's the difference between a 'normal' social drinker and an alcoholic - because the alcoholic once he starts finds it almost impossible to stop - whereas the 'normal' drinker usually knows when he's had enough. I do however think that alcoholics need to take responsibility for getting help and treatment - so I think there is a middle way between what you're saying and the disease concept.


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