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Alcoholism is an Addiction Not a Disease.

by Artie V.
(Alta Loma, Ca, )

I'm what is considered an alcoholic. In three days I will have one year of sobriety, without the help of AA or any other support method. All I have to do is remember my last drink---66 beers in two days, and some of the worst nightmares in my personal history of dreaming. Now, instead of making up excuses (called "triggers" by AA) I simply choose not to drink.

Here's a question: Why isn't being addicted to Crack, Heroin, Cocaine or Nicotine (more addictive than alcohol) considered a disease? Have you ever seen anyone walk into a store and by a can of cancer?

Calling alcoholism a disease does nothing more than undermines the real diseases that many unfortunate souls have no choice in contracting. Also, labeling alcoholism a disease only gives the alcoholic a bigger, better excuse to drink---after all, if he doesn't have a choice in the matter what good would it be to try to quit? Obviously, I strongly feel that alcoholism is not a disease.

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Alcolism been an addiction
by: Anonymous

I also agree alcoholism is not a disease and find it rather annoying that people say it is its like drug addicts would they say they have a disease no so i class alcoholism and drug users to have an addiction and also i agree about the aa meetings tellin them its a disease i mean thats just gonna make it harder for them to stop drinking its commen sence if they believe they have a disease whats gonna motivate them to stop. well done for been sober and been strong wish my brother would stop been so weak

Not a disease
by: Anonymous

I agree 100% By that standard we could call being fat a disease and instead of having fat people we would have eatoholics. Fat people have health problems do to over eating such as Heart disease and high blood pressure and I'm sure they feel helpless and find it out of their control to quit and just like an alcoholic they can change their behavior and magically this " disease " goes away for as long as the person chooses not to inflict this disease on themselves.

...and Abstinence is not Sobriety
by: Dann B.

Congrats on the year without alcohol, a MAJOR accomplishment with or without help. Abstinence is a choice, a good one infor you, but it is not sobriety. Learning how to live life on life's terms without even thinking of alcohol as an option takes time, and abstinence with enough time and experience is your only chance at sobriety - but not a guarantee.

Was drinking your problem, or what you did for your problem? Now that you don't drink, did your problems go away, or did you discover your inability to cope was what was underneath. What do you use as a alcohol substitute? Not quite as simple to just treat the symptom instead of the...well, you know...

With a little bit of luck, I will begin my 24th year of recovery in July. I wish you at least the day at a time.

Dann B., Florida

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