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Alcoholism Is a True Disease that Many Use to Rationalize Using or Drinking

by JasonGooey
(Philadelphia )

I view alcoholism much like diabetes; it's a disease that can, with the right support, habits and treatment can actually improve the quality of one's life.

After we get past the feelings of despair or helplessness as we realize we have it, once we follow the necessary lifestyle changes such as diet & exercise and establishing new habits, monitoring our health and such, the end result is increased physical and mental health. In the case of addiction, the quality of life is improved through all of the new life skills that one must learn; they apply to nearly every aspect of like, not just addiction.

Of course I am only 4 days sober but this is my mindset on my disease and am now looking forward to the journey ahead as I am confident it will help lead me to my true potential.

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by: Anonymous

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Alcoholic by choice?
by: Greg in Arizona

You're on the right track, Jason. Recognition of the problem is absolutely necessary as you can't solve a problems if you deny its existence. But recognition alone doesn't solve the problem: many people get stuck there, like me. I've known for many years that I have a serious drinking problem. I could see the tremendous damage it caused, yet I kept returning to alcohol in spite of all that. But why?

Because it works: It takes emotional and physical pain away and makes living in my own skin bearable--at least for the duration of the high. And when I emerge from the hangover and view the damage, I can always get drunk again to make the shame go away.

A year ago this Christmas I learned that much of what my mother had told me about aunts, uncles, neices and nephews was a pack of lies that had done a lot of damage to family relations. One such lie even put my sister in jail and I helped her do it.

I was really angry to learn the truth about mom and how I had been duped, but today I'm grateful. Knowing how much power my belief in these lies had on my behavior toward others, I can now see how my belief in the lies she and others had taught me about myself have been affecting me. I had been duped into believing lies about myself, too.

I now recognize that I have a choice to recognize these false beliefs about myself, dispute them, forgive myself for the mistakes that reinforce negative beliefs, and to learn new ways of doing things. Or I can just give up on myself and go back to the bottle. To recover or not is not up to some disease. The choice is mine.

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