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Alcoholism Is a Disease: As An Alcoholic Your Body Responds Differently to Alcohol Compared to Others

by Cassie

I can, of course, only talk about my own experiences in this matter. I haven't consumed any alcohol now for 5 years and I think I am better for it.

I have never attended AA or any alcohol rehab centres or anything like that. For myself, I believe that alcohol messes up the processes of my mind in so far as when I drink it alters the way I think.

I perceive everyone around me as the enemy, except those who put another drink in my hand. Anyone who tries to reason with me and curb my drinking becomes the enemy. This includes people I know that really love me and care about me and only want the best for me.

I find for myself that alcohol takes away my ability to reason and make rational decisions. I think that it is a disease and that I do need to stay away from alcohol for the rest of my life.

I would liken the disease of alcoholism to anaphalaxsis. There is no problem until it enters your body, and when it does, your body responds in a way that is different to the way most other peoples responds. It's like a bad chemical reaction, only alcohol makes the individual behave like a lunatic.

I do not think that it is only when an alcoholic is drunk that this lunatic-like behaviour happens. I think it lasts long after the person is no longer drunk because that alteration in the way that an alcoholic thinks is even there in sobriety for a very considerable amount of time afterwards.

For me personally I think that it took me a few years to get back into the normal way of thinking. When I remember back to the time I was drinking, I remember in the way that I was thinking back then. It has only been with time, and a clear head on my shoulders that I am now able to review my thoughts and the events that occurred and see my part in what happened.

I was not the innocent victim in all of it that I thought I was. The personal cost to me from drinking has been immense. I am now lucky because I am in the position that I don't want to drink again. I would rather drink a glass of poison than a glass of alcohol.

I am also fortunate because I can be around people drinking and not feel in the least bit jealous. Diabetic people have to watch others eat chocolate and they cope.

I hope this helps someone somewhere. I hope if you are still drinking and you need to stop, you can recognise some of the things that I went through myself and see some common ground. The good news is that when you stop, it does eventually get easier, although it can take some time, and your life will improve.

Like I said, I never went to AA, but taking things one day at time makes life a lot easier in the beginning, even hour by hour if necessary. If you crave a drink, don't go in a pub. Make life as easy as you can to avoid alcohol. Now all I have to do is give up the cigarettes and I'm sorted!

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Anaphalaxis??? Really????
by: Robin

Anaphalaxis??? Really???? To liken substance abuse of any kind to anaphalaxis is ridiculous. Anaphalaxis is a serious and deadly medical condition, that consists with a complete allergy that can and has killed almost immediately after taking something that the body is allergic to. So no, I would have to disagree with that. Anything taken in excess can poison the system enough to shut it down, but it should not be compared to anaphalaxis, i.e. someone who is allergic to Penacillin (sp?) And yes, when a substance abuser partakes in using, it does sometimes cause a different reaction than it would with someone who is not an abuser, but that is because as an abuser, your body builds up a dependancy that your brain is looking for, in order to release the endorphines. Sort of like a crimped garden hose tending to recrimp in the same place, or like metal fatique, so yes, your body and mind set will respond differently than someone who is not a user. In your post, you say it is a diseast, but I do not believe that it is.

good for you cassie
by: Anonymous

your words made me feel better. but i am not so sure everyone is as strong as you and can cure themselves. my husband believes he does not need AA or a counselor that specializes in alcohol abuse.

the man has been drinking throughout our 17 year marriage but for the last 10, he is a closet drinker and his problem has worsened. 6 months ago my husband swears he quit drinking but he continues to display alot of dry drunk behaviors and on many occasions, drunken behaviors- stumbling, slurring words, long naps, speaking hurtful and senseless words, red face, etc. of course, i don't confront him while i think he is drunk. it is awful how he acts in front of our kids and then the next day, doesn't care what happened yesterday. never apologizes and continues to maintain his innocence. my two teens, ages almost 16 and 13 have confronted him and he still doesn't admit he is drinking.

he tells me i am crazy, he is not drinking. we were recently on vacation and he fell asleep in the pool and the jacuzzi. he actually went face down in the water. if i didn't insist he go up to our room for lunch, he may have drown. my two teenage kids witnessed this and were very upset. we got him up to the room and he slept for 5 hours, unable to get out of bed for lunch. he was verbally inappropriate and said hurtful things. next day, laughed at me when i told him what we saw and how he tramatized the kids. says i am crazy and he is not drinking. also blames my neglect or lack of sex for the condition of our relationship/marriage.

he cannot understand how i can not feel a connection with him any longer. i try to explain to him that you never tell your wife she is a bad wife, she is not good at sex, and you wish she would die so you can plan her funeral. these are only a few of the hundreds of awful things he has said.

also, my husband has a gambling problem, is dishonest, and is not safe for our children at all times.

i am asking you to let me know what you think, as you know the denial and games people with addictions play. do you think i am crazy to believe he continues drinking??

any advice would be appreciated.

thanks, karen

the husband ruins many family events, trips to disney world, home life but maintains it is all caused by my neglect (meaning sex and communication). i am so tired of this cycle and game we play.

my part of the game has been giving him sex and making up with him after his verbal, emotional, and drunken abuse to me and the kids. within a couple of days, if i tell him "no" to sex, he starts up again.

i am about to get a divorce but am afraid how i will support myself and four children.

by: C-P

I agree that for those of us pre-disposed towards addiction, we definitely process alcohol differently to 'normal' drinkers. And that's also why those who don't have a problem with alcohol know when to stop or can control their drinking in a way an alcoholic can't. So thanks for sharing your story and providing your perspective.

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