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Alcoholism - Disease or Not?

I am unconvinced that alcoholism is a disease. Simply put, over consumption of alcohol can cause disease, since too much of it is poisonous. Yet, too much water causes drowning. Too much vitamin C, as a supplement, can become a pro-oxidant, which produces ferrous metals and induces heart damage. Too little vitamin C, and you have scurvy. The point being, a disease cannot be cured by will power or 12-steps buddy programs. Try that with diabetes, and you'll get laughed at, and rightly so.

Alcoholism is a very strong dependant habit used by people to cope with life's stresses. While cancer or diabetes cannot simply be willed away, alcoholism can, and indeed is, as this is ultimately the only lasting relief from this habit.

Medicating people will only cover the symptoms, but will not stop their dependency. That is their choice - and a disease is not a choice.

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Interesting Perspective
by: C-P

You don't choose addiction, like you don't choose diabetes. Yes you may drink, but you don't know that will lead to an addiction until it's too late. Because alcohol or drugs affect the brain chemistry of an addict differently to that of a non-addict - and that's why an addict is powerless to control his/her addiction. But where you are right, is that any addict can choose to do something about their addiction by receiving the appropriate help and following whatever steps necessary to ensure their lasting sobriety. They may not be able to control their addiction, but they can choose to do something about it, and that's the critical part, irrespective of what any definition may/may not say.

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