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Alcoholism and Addiction a Disease? YES

I have seen some amazing things people will do ...drinking to passing out ... now if you are already drunk why would you drink even more? You loose your sense of taste after awhile and as far as the drugs my boyfriend on crack uses ... and then stays up for 2 or 3 days?!!!

Come on you have to have an illness to do these things and to the point where you will spend money on drugs and alcohol and you are hungry? Your last twenty dollars will go and get crack rather than go to the grocery store. Or spend 5 dollars on bread & bolony ( get mayo packs from 7-11) - then go get crack with the remaining 15. So yes I would say that was some kind of illness!!

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Disease or not disease. That old question.
by: Greg A

There's much debate about whether or not alcoholism, or addiction to alcohol, is a disease or not. But having started out like your boyfriend and ending up battling alcoholism for the past 35 years, I don't give a damn how it's classified. My addiction to it made me a menace on the road, a lousy son, husband, and parent, and a pain in the ass for my employers. And it was also killing me. Sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly, but relentlessly killing me all the time I used it and the drugs I took to keep the drunken high going.

Some guys grow out of excessive partying and some don't. My suggestion to you is this: Find someone who enjoys the things you like to do, rather than trying to get your party animal boyfriend to stop doing what he likes to do. You're not likely to find sober living guys in bars. I mean, think about it. Look at organizations such as clubs--like a hiking club, for example--or a political, charitable, religious, whatever organization to make new contacts. True, it's easier to hang out in bars, but bars are not very safe for women and are mostly patronized by people who'd rather drink than take a paddle boat out on a nice lake. Be patient and discerning.

Keep in mind that there's a strong pleasure element while drinking and drugging which is how we train our brains to become addicted to the stuff to begin with. And that's what keeps up and coming addicts going back to that old toxic well, over and over again, until we want nothing else. Stay away from guys like I used to be for your own sake.

And don't feel like you've got to fix him. You can't. Besides, there are millions of party animals out there who need fixing. Stick with sober guys that can fix a car.

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