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Alcohol is an Addictive Substance, like Nicotine, Drugs, Coffee, etc. So is Addiction a Disease? No!

Some people are definitely predisposed to become addicted to addictive substances, genetically. Others are more susceptible to addiction due to environmental conditions, re: poverty & its hopelessness, ghetto & the things available, ie drugs, drug dealing, etc. etc.

Some people are exposed to addiction due to external events, such as accidents, pain from injuries, illness's, e.g. arthritis, etc., also emotional pain, death, divorce, etc. Physically, physiology factually explains why some people are more prone to addictive substances, chemical imbalances, mental illness's, ADD, not treated properly by medical professionals, one is compelled by the brain to self medicate.

One can also self medicate via gambling, other compulsive & addictive behaviors/habits, shopaholic, foodaholic, etc., etc. Alcohol is an addictive substance, not every one who uses it becomes addicted, same as nicotine, drugs, coffee, gambling, etc. Defining alcoholism as a disease is negative, AA is out dated, many of their theories we now know are medically inaccurate.

Saying over & over one is an alcoholic after they have stopped their addiction is negative, does one still define themselves as a smoker, years after they have smoked a cigarette? Once one has stopped using an addictive substance & conquers the addiction, physically, mentally, emotionally & psychologically, the active addiction is over.

Any one who again uses any substance they were once addicted to will likely become re-addicted, same applies to addictive behaviors like gambling, etc. Thus, factually no addiction is a disease, there may be an underlying disease e.g. depression, ADD, that causes one to self medicate - and medical treatment would cure the medical problems. For others, it is a matter of choice, will, a decision to stop using the addictive substance.

One with diabetes, arthritis, cancer, any disease can't make the disease go away by stopping any behavior or action. Alcoholism is not a disease, this is an unqualified stock broker who started this medical myth, who by the way died from lung cancer due to smoking cigarettes.

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