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Alcholism Is a Disease: It's a Habit That is Inherited

I believe that alcoholism is a disease. I believe that it is an addiction. To me, alcoholism is a habit that was inherited from a close family member. Once you are addicted to drinking alcohol, it is very unlikely that you are able to stop cold turkey.

Alcoholism can damage your body. It can also cause death on the highway to the individual drinker, or to someone that doesn't drink alcohol at all. To me, I think that all stores that carry alcoholic beverages should be permanently closed down and banned from all premises, because a lot of people harm their bodies by drinking large quantities of alcohol, and it leads to a lot of serious accidents on the highways.

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Is it a habit?? is it Inherited??
by: Anonymous

So because my father was an alcoholic that means that I should of turned out to be one?!? There is so much put out there on this subject of alcoholism that people are truly beginning to believe the crap that is written.. It is NOT passed on through each generation, it is NOT passed through the genes, it has not been PROVEN that it actually a disease or illness, it is NOT in your DNA and it is NOT a habit that is inherited from either your mother or father or your brother. It would be your choice and your choice only to make it a habit!

Alcoholism disease and addiction
by: Anonymous

Yes alcoholism is a disease and an addiction. But sadly we cannot stop the sale of alcohol because it is a hugh bussiness. Way back durimg proabition we should have never changed the laws to legalize the sale of alcohol. But then again we did not legalize the sale of drugs and people still get what they want to get high. And yes I to believe it is inherited. Yes there are many unnecessary deaths due to drunk drivers. This is one disease that people look at as a disgrace because those who have it are loud, arrogant and controling people when they drink. There are many alcoholics who admit to having the disease and those are the ones that stay sober but sadly there are way to many who will not admit that they are alcoholics.Unlike cancer, aides etc. there is no medicine that can be taken to help the alcoholic because if there was a medicine people would accept it as a disease and the shame attached to the word alcoholic would be diminished and than maybe the stuborn alcoholics would seek treatment. Sadly this disease kills and hurts the innocent and it takes years for the alcoholic to feel the pain they caused and to reach their end.

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