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Your Addiction Recovery Toolbox: Tool Two - How To Find Freedom From The Over-Powering Urge To Want to Drink or Take Drugs

The second addiction recovery tool I want to tell you about actually complements Holosync really well. (If you haven’t read how Holosync can help you recovery from alcoholism or drug addiction, go here.)

In fact many people that use Holosync and the tool I’m about to tell you about, experience even faster healing and positive personal change than you would believe is possible.

Whereas Holosync takes you into the deepest and slowest brainwave states where immense healing and incredibly powerful positive change occurs that literally reverse the very imbalances in your brain that cause addiction – this tool uses a scientifically proven method to let go of painful and unwanted feelings the moment they occur.

In fact, with regular practice it will help you master your emotions and let go of unwanted thoughts, feelings or beliefs in an instant – can you imagine how powerful that is when you’re faced with the overwhelming urge to want to drink or use drugs?

You know what it’s like being addicted to alcohol or drugs. Even when rationally you know that you shouldn’t pick up or use – the urge or feeling is so strong, so overpowering, you literally can’t help yourself.

That’s why for the majority of us addicts, simple will power is never enough. In the cold light of day we know we need to do something about our drinking and using habits. We may even muster up the will power to stop for a while. But before we know it – that urge, that feeling, becomes so strong, that we simply cannot say no, and we’ll hit the bottle or drugs again with a vengeance.

And you want to know why? Because feelings and emotions are far more powerful - and influence our behaviours far more - than our thoughts or intentions alone ever will.

It’s like love. There may be the guy/gal that ticks all the boxes – good manners, good job, good education, the one your parents usually approve of. And you can see why your parents approve of him or her and why intellectually they’d make a good partner.

But they just don’t give you that feeling. So you end up falling for the person who you know is all wrong for you – but you can’t help the way you feel about them – even when more often than not the relationship turns out how everyone warned you it would.

So being able to master your feelings and emotions is one of the secrets to not only breaking the cycle of addiction, but going on to live a happy and meaningful life. You develop the power to choose – happiness, peace, acceptance, love – instead of addiction, anxiety, and fear.

You have more power than you know – it’s just directed in all the wrong places. This tool helps you direct it in all the places that will help you not only recovery from your addictions, but go on and flourish.

So what’s this tool called?

You’ve probably heard of it. It’s called the Sedona Method, created by a guy called Hale Dwoskin, also one of the featured teachers on the movie, The Secret.

It’s a tool that has helped countless others ...

  • Successfully recovery from addictions
  • Find permanent relief from stress and anxiety
  • Heal unresolved emotional traumas that block spiritual and emotional growth
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and patterns
  • Achieve radiant health and well-being
Like Holosync, The Sedona Method is a tool used and endorsed by many famous and well-known people because of its quality and ability to help create tremendous healing and positive personal change.

So take a look for yourself at The Sedona Method and how it can create tremendous Healing and Positive Personal Change for you.

Like I said to you at the beginning, The Sedona Method complements Holosync really well. So if you can get them both – even better. But because I know times are tough, if I were to recommend one first, I would say begin with Holosync – and then in time move onto The Sedona Method later when you can.

So in case you haven’t read what I have to say about Holosync yet, go here.

As far as addiction recovery tools go – I have yet to come across two more powerful than Holosync and The Sedona Method. And what I really like about them – is that they work on so many levels - emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical.

And because addiction is a disease that operates on all these levels, I’m not sure you’ll ever find better tools to help you not only combat them, but create a life for yourself that you can't yet even imagine.

I know how my life has changed beyond recognition thanks to help of these tools. Now I want the same for you.

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