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Addiction a Disease? Nope...

by Mary
(Sin City)

I don't think anyone can classify addiction as a disease because you can always quit doing it! I used to to do massive amounts of methamphedamines for 3 years and one day I looked in the mirror and decided I didn't like what I saw.

I haven't touched it since. It's been 6 years. Is there a physical addiction to drugs and alcohol? Sure there is but it just takes time to get over those symptoms.

It takes will power to overcome the mental challenges and urges to do drugs and alcohol again. And the whole "I have a type-A personality" is just a lame excuse for not wanting to face the facts I think.

You just have to be strong because I believe it doesn't matter what kind of support you have behind you, if you don't want to quit for yourself, then nothing is going to help.

And this is just my opinion and I'm not trying to make anyone mad. It's just how it was for me.

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by: Misona

I completely agree with everything you said. Not being able to quit is crap. You can do anything you set your mind to do.

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by: chris

I might want to say that keep doing awesome. I might likewise want to say that continue working harder.

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Beyond any human power
by: Anonymous

Absolute bullshit,no amount of will power can overcome alcoholism,drugs are a different ball game sir.
Willpower is the worst way of attempting to overcome this often fatal malady,you clearly were not an alcoholic.

Some valid points
by: Anonymous

If you don't really want to quit, then no one else can help you is certainly a valid a well-put point. And yes it does require an incredibly strength of will/character to overcome any addiction. But doing it alone does make it so much harder. Why choose the most difficult route, when there is loads of help and support available out there?

The problem of also only going alone and using sheer will power, is that you don't necessarily end up addressing the causes that led to the addiction ... and you just end up substituting your addiction to drugs or alcohol on other unhealthy behaviors.

But you managed it your way and that's the main thing so well done.

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