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Addicted to Heroin and Have a Father Who Feeds My Habit: Help!

by wally
(south jersey)

I'm 22 from south jersey just outside philly and camden, and I've been addicted to anything that will get me high for about 5 to 6 years. Heroin has been my drug of choice for most of it.

I've tried stopping myself many times but never been able to, part of my problem I believe is the fact that my father is also addicted to heroin and percocet, whatever he gets his hands on. H'es also a big drinker. He's been told to stop drinking as much due to his swollen liver, but all that's done was make him hit the bags harder.

He looks to me to feed his habit as well as my own, and its very hard to quit when its accepted in your house. I guess I'm just curious if there is anyone else in a similar situation that might be able to lend some help. Thanks. Answer

Hey Wally

You have a choice: Let your father continue to take you down with him - or do something about your heroin addiction by taking the necessary steps you need to take to turn your life around.

Step one is clearly to stop hanging out with your father and find your own place to stay. If there's a poisonous snake in the room, you don't stick around and play with it because chances are you'll get bitten. Your father is a toxic influence in your life that you need to remove yourself from.

Secondly, get professional help for your heroin addiction by getting yourself into a proper addiction treatment program like rehab. There are many low cost and even free rehab programs that can help you turn things around. The salvation army has one so do some research and find one you can get into.

Beating a heroin habit is damn difficult to do by yourself. That's why you need to get yourself into an environment where people who know what they're doing can help you. NA would also be a great place to go. I know many people who have overcome a heroin addiction just by going to NA regularly and working the 12 steps.

So it really is up to you. You can use your father as an excuse to keep using, or you can decide you're sick of this and do what it takes to turn your life around. Hopefully you choose the latter option. Take Care and Good Luck

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