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26 Year Old Son Addicted to Weed Can't Control His Temper

I have a 26 year old son living with me, he is badly addicted to weed. He had to come back when work stopped and he could not afford his rented place. Most of his life he has been hard work. Having my home damaged many times over the years. Violent tempers etc.

Recently he broke his ankle, which has had pins put in place with a plaster cast up to his knee. He is beginning to lose his temper and using his walking sticks to be quite violent. He is also been driving his van although I have asked him not too, he refuses to give me the keys. I have told him his insurance would be null and void. He just ignores me.

I have three boys who were diagnosed with ADHD years ago when they were little and my life has been extremely difficult bringing them up. I am nearly 60 now and coming to the end and am feeling very ill with all this worry and abuse.

This is a long story cut very short. Please can you give me some advice of what to do. Thank you Answer

Your son is old enough to take care of himself and live alone, so maybe its time to throw him out the nest where he can do what he wants to do and smoke as much weed as he wants?

You can't stop or control your son and his smoking weed. It's interesting that he has a temper and gets violent though because weed usually makes people more chilled and peaceful. But thats neither here nor there.

It's time your son starts looking after himself so tell him he can no longer continue living at home. Because if he wants to continue living at home, he has to live by your rules - and those rules no longer tolerate smoking weed, being stoned, temper tantrums, and any form of violence. Tell him he can do all those things, but just not in your house, and so he needs to find his own place.

And give him a deadline by when he needs to be out, and if he isn't, get the authorities involved to help get him out. You're going to have to be firm and draw a line in the sand saying enough is enough, otherwise nothing will change and your son will just keep walking all over you.

You can't let yourself essentially be bullied any longer. It's terribly sad that your son behaves the way he does and shows you so little respect, but it doesn't mean you have to stand for it. He should be grateful for you having taken him in and looked after him after he lost his work, so he needs to learn that by behaving the way he has, he has shot himself in the foot and only has himself to blame.

Good Luck

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26 yr old addicted to weed also NEW
by: Anonymous

You could be describing my son to a t! But his anger and temper is only when he doesn't have weed to smoke. After smoking it's like all the cussing yelling and smashing my house never happened!

my son who i love with all my heart
by: distraught mum

my 23 yr old son is addicted to skunk.unbeknown to me he started smoking it at 14. he is now out of control he blames me for the way his life has turned out. he has 2 children 1 he is not allowed to see and 1 he just doesnt bother with . i have had to make him homeless for the sake of my marriage and my sanity. there is not a door in my house without holes in it.if i will not give him any money he just trashes the place. my 70 yr old mother paid an advance on an apartment for him which he has now trashed he is living with his new girlfriend now but that wont last because he has already stolen money from her to feed his habit. i have never seen such anger in a young man as he has. he blames everything for his drug habit with me taking the brunt of it. he was such a lovely child and i still love him with all my heart but i am at the end of my tether. my mother no longer answers the door to him and it breaks her heart as she loves him so much. he steals he lies has no respect for anyone and thinks the world owes him a living.only last night i caught him stealing from my husband and all hell broke loose again leaving me an emotional wreck.i think most people dont realise just what a destructive drug skunk is as there isnt any help available believe me i have tried since i first found out about his addiction. he has been in prison and i thought that might have helped as i thought he wouldnt be able to get any how wrong i was it is freely available and he came out worse. i have tried tough love and refused to see him or give him money but all that seems to do is upset me . i see no light at the end of the son is an only child and i feel so guilty as if i have failed him in some way .i love him with all my heart but hate this person he has turned is not my son.

by: Anonymous

I have just made my 22 yr old homeless 4 days ago , he gave up his job with 3 months t go to qualify . Became a muslim , smokes weed and we had the police searching through our entire house for 6 hours as he has also been supplying, they found £3000 under his mattress, OMG where did I go wrong he had severe adhd AND I FOUGHT TOOTH AND NAIl to help him . I have now had enough bu feel very bad for making him homeless, My itentio was to scare him into seeing his mistakes and think clearly - he now does not want to see us again m I have 2 daughters 17 and 18 to consider also who are a students and at college what else could i have done??? where will it ll end i 51 happily married and this was a joint decision , we just can't be disrespected like this anymore


by: Anonymous

my son is also addicted to cannabis, he has trashed my home, threatened my husband and myself,he also threatened his own grandmother, he has stolen everything from us, even his grandparents he has stole from them also,he has been up in court for theft but didn´t go to court, we are at the end with him now, we want him out of our home

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