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25 and Struggling ... An Alcholic at a Young Age

by Sarah J
(Chicago, IL)

Hello everyone! My name is Sarah J. I am an alcoholic. I would like to say I'm in recovery - but recovery is not playing out perfectly for me.

I went to in-patient treatment in early January of 2010. I did really well - and left feeling very confident. Since then, I went to court for my second DUI, served a 12 day sentence in county jail, moved back to Chicago, lived in a sober house, and stayed sober for about a month...

And that's when the story turned. I relapsed at the house. And if you're an alcoholic you'll understand when I say I'm not sure why I did. All I was thinking is that I could get away with it, and I didn't.

So I moved back to my apartment and ever since then have been struggling to maintain sobriety. Follow my story, comment, and invite me to listen to yours. Despite my relapses, I want to be sober. And I know the joys of being clean. It's just hard. So let's listen to each other.

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I hope this helps
by: Escher

I hope this helps you. I have a friend that was addicted to heroin. She has says she struggles many times but always remembers she would rather have the respect and love from friends and family more than she wants the herion.
Please don't give up.

Been there
by: C-P

Been there so know what you're going through. Don't resist a life of recovery - embrace it and live it to the best of your ability. The beginning is hard but it gets easier with time. So that means doing the things you know you should be doing - working a program, going to meetings, associating with the right kinds of people, building a new lifestyle. Keep doing that and trust that things will get better. It's okay to relapse. Many do. But you have to try and get back on track as quickly as possible. So dust yourself off, get up and start over. You'll get there. And never stop believing you will. No matter how hard it seems at times. Remember it's just one step, one day at a time. You can do this! Good Luck.

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