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18 and Confused, Regularly Binge Drink and Abuse Alcohol. Am I In Trouble?


I've recently found myself drinking a hell of a lot more over these past two months (yes, it's a short amount of time) - but a local barmaid has been keeping an eye on me and has estimated I drink an average of 200ml of vodka an hour.

I'm usually in the pub for four hours on average - and I'm never in a state where I can't walk home or remember the night. I personally never feel that I'm getting 'obliterated' or anything as such, however I've taken the tests online and I drink a much larger amount than my friends when I go out.

As to why I drink ... ended up speaking to what could be regarded as my first love after a two years of blatant ignorance, my parents pestering as to what I'm doing with my life when I leave college, my younger sister running away from home and lack of self confidence since I got ill for three months two years ago (I lost almost 2 stone, only managed to put half back on.)

Also after just recovering from my illness I suffered bad acne which resulted in bad scarring. But again, I'm never 'bladdered' nor do I get into such state - it's just the majority of things on the net say I am in a bit of trouble? Answer

The fact that you're on here asking the question as to whether your drinking is something to be concerned about, already answers your question to a degree. Generally people who don't have a drinking problem or at least drink at levels to warrant concern, won't visit a site like this. Yes sometimes that stems from simple ignorance or denial, but your concern is a sign in itself.

The fact that you have the self-awareness however to be concerned is something to applauded for. Too many people live in total ignorance and don't realise how alcohol is destroying their lives. So it shows a lot of maturity to be asking the question at 18.

Just because you don't as you put it get totally 'obliterated' - doesn't mean there isn't an issue. In fact it shows your tolerance levels have built up to a degree where you can drink such large amounts - and increased tolerance is one of the signs of alcoholism.

However while it's right to be concerned, it's probably a bit early to tell if you have a genuine problem. You say it's been about 2 months that you've been drinking so heavily - and some people do go through periods where they binge/drink heavily - but can then cut down or take a break without it being an issue.

So the real test for you is to see whether you can control your drinking - i.e. take a break from it, or if you really feel like a drink, maybe only have one or two. Because the big difference between those that have a genuine problem and those that just abuse alcohol or binge from time to time - is loss of control.

Abusing alcohol or binging is in no way good either, but if you can 'control' your drinking, i.e. take a break from it for a while and/or just keep it to a drink or two - it may just be that because you've gone through a bad patch this is your way of dealing with it.

It doesn't make it a good way of dealing with it, in fact using alcohol to cope with going through a rough time is incredibly unhealthy and bad for you, but for many they can get back to 'normal' and get their lives back on track after a short period of having hit the bottle hard.

So test things for yourself by trying to control your drinking - and try and find healthier ways to deal with the stuff you're going through. Go for counselling, exercise, find something uplifting to do so you don't have all that time to sit in the pub.

If you still feel things are escalating out of control despite that - get help urgently. You're young and have your whole life to look forward to. You don't want to ruin it because of alcohol. Good Luck

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