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I’m in Recovery from Alcoholism ... Can I Smoke Marijuana Occasionally?

I was an active alcoholic for close on 9 years. Been sober now for close on 2. Recently I’ve been thinking about whether smoking marijuana occasionally would be a big deal. Drugs were never a problem for me and apart from dabbling with a few different substances from time to time when I was in active addiction to alcoholism, drugs just never did it for me in the way alcohol did.

So I’m thinking why would smoking the odd joint be a big deal? I see it as a fairly harmless way to just relax and unwind on the odd occasion. Now I know that the prescribed way is that as an addict, you need to abstain from using any mind/mood altering substance, but I honestly don’t think it will be a problem smoking the odd joint because I have no desire to do it on a regular basis.


Is it honestly worth the risk putting your hard-earned two years of sobriety at risk for the occasional joint? You’re right ... it may not be a problem. But what if it becomes one? There’s a reason marijuana is a gateway drug to harder drugs for many people, and one of those is that once you’ve crossed the mental threshold of using a drug (even if it is perceived as fairly harmless and non-threatening), it becomes much easier to progress onto using something else.

You say drugs were never a problem for you, but as an addict, it’s ultimately not about the substance you use - because you’ll find something to fill the void left by alcohol. Cross-subsidisation is a huge problem for an addict because even though your drug of choice is the primary threat, there are plenty other substances out there that will gladly fill the emotional void alcohol did, even though you don’t expect them to.

So the bottom line is, I don’t think it’s a good idea. Yes, you may be lucky and it’s something you manage to do successfully without a problem. But I don’t think it’s a risk worth taking. I think you should also be examining your motives as to why the sudden need to want to use marijuana to help you relax and chill out ...

There are a lot of other things you could be doing to help with that. Take a long walk, do some exercise, read a book, take a vacation, do some yoga, meditate, dance. Our minds can be very dangerous tools sometimes and be easily led astray once an idea takes hold. So nip this one in the bud, and get your focus back on your recovery. You’ve done so well this far ... don’t throw it away now.

All the Best

P.S. Take a look at some of resources suggested in the Addiction Recovery Toolbox. They may just be what you need to get your focus back on track and take your life and recovery to the next level ...

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Personal Choice NEW
by: Anonymous


So glad I came across this. I am 2 years sober and proud of it. I still chose to use marijuana regularly and quite enjoy it. I have had some guilt about it but don't anymore. The way I look at it I go to AA for alcohol. Period. End of story. After 20 years of active alcoholism it is very apparent that alcohol is a very destructive force in my life. It was ruining every aspect of my existence. The changes I have experienced as a result of the program are truly a miracle. I worked my steps hard, got a sponsor, got a home group and am active in service work. My life is infinitely better without alcohol and I thank my HP daily for it. In 2 years of sobriety I have repaired my horribly broken marriage, bought a home and made career advancements. AA has worked for me. Now, having said that I find it very judgemental that some people in AA chose to take on the role of deciding what defines sobriety. I have read scathing posts of AA hardliners saying that if you smoke pot you have to start over. That is absolute bullshit!!!!! Who the hell is anyone to tell me I'm not sober. This mindset in AA is archaic. I can use pot at my discretion and there are no negative effects on my life. Zero. Being judged for something that quite frankly is no ones business is ridiculous. AA is a program of suggestion. There aren't rules for the very reason that people in the rooms can wield them with self perceived power. If you smoke and are able to without issue by all means. We alcoholics have enough to feel guilty about without some self righteous dick in the rooms telling us we are wrong, guilty, not sober, etc.

Yes you can! NEW
by: Ahadrenaline88

Yes you can! NEW
by: Anonymous

Unless you have to do drug tests regularly go for it. In moderation. Maybe a gram of dro a day. Drugs are bad but marijuana is well on its way to becoming medically legal. There have been studies proving that replacing alcohol for weed works. Not only that but July 20th 15 I will be 3 years without a drop off booze and I smoke everyday. Now meetings I agree are important. However, you must decide whether it will eat your soul or not to not disclose your pot smoking. It is heavily frowned upon. An until further research has been made it will probably stay that way.. Below is great reading ... Please indulge..

A Bit of Herbal Medicine Works for This AA NEW
by: Christine

Hi, I appreciate all of your opinions here. I have been sober for 26 months, love AA, my home group & my friends in AA. I also enjoy a little smoke, a few evenings a week. It helps my back pain, headaches & falling asleep. I've discovered a new healing process; that I believe was a Spiritual inspiration (from the herb). I have a simple little unit called a back stretcher, that I lie on; before I go to sleep. One night, I took a few hits of my bowl, got on my stretcher; & just started "perceiving" these moves, of drawing my limbs into my core, then hyperstretching. The next morning, I felt looser and more limber than I have in years. MUCH less pain! I realized that, essentially; I was doing Yoga. Wouldn't call it that, though, you think AA is touchy about what is called "sobriety", you should see how particular the "Yoga" people are!

To make a long story short; I do believe the herb is a gift from God, is certainly not making me crave a drink, or causing me to lie, cheat & steal (with the possible exception that I wouldn't tell my AA group or friends that I smoke a little). I don't do it every night, mainly because if I start to smoke every night, I can't fall asleep without it. I don't like the feeling of not having a choice. Been there, done that: cocaine, alcohol & cigarettes. I am a nurse; & have seen the miracle it does for chemo, AIDS & TB patients. It's good to hear from people that love God & AA; that can occasionally use the herbal medicine. I feel less alone tonight. Thank you & God Bless.

Live and Let Live NEW
by: Anonymous

I so appreciate all the posters here...many express themselves well. Smoking pot is my choice and I've chosen it for many years of active sobriety in AA. I don't recall ever feeling guilt or shame over it. I keep it to myself as I would any other personal routines that really are nobody's business but my own. Liquor will kill me...pot chills me. My God's cool with it, seems other AA's are the last ones who should judge another.
Your's in the Fellowship of the Spirit

Live and Let Live NEW
by: Anonymous

I so appreciate all the posters here...many express themselves well. Smoking pot is my choice and I've chosen it for many years of active sobriety in AA. I don't recall ever feeling guilt or shame over it. I keep it to myself as I would any other personal routines that really are nobody's business but my own. Liquor will kill me...pot chills me. My God's cool with it, seems other AA's are the last ones who should judge another.
Your's in the Fellowship of the Spirit

I miss pot NEW
by: Anonymous

I smoked pot for 20 years and drank alcohol for 25 (I was a hippie in S.F.). I am 23 years clean and sober today, but I do miss pot. I stopped smoking it not because I felt it was harmful but because I wanted to see what life is like when you don't use any mind-altering drugs. Now, as I age (and retired recently) and see my end of life perhaps not too many years away, I long to be as free and inspired as I felt when I smoked a little pot almost daily. I painted, wrote poems, photographed extensively and played music every day. Something got tight in me, sort of tense and fearful when I stopped smoking marijuana I think. I will NEVER drink alcohol again because it is a poison, and I did bad things on it. I didn't do bad things on pot though. In any case, there are many in AA who take anti-depressants (not me) and it seems unfair to say pot should not be smoked if you want to get your chips in AA. I have seen how powerful and mentally distorting prescription drugs can be, and I don't see why that is OK to do. I am, however, a bit confused about using pot again but am considering getting a medical mj card as I am a breast cancer survivor and have PTSD from the death of my only child. What do you all out there think?

I miss pot NEW
by: Anonymous

I smoked pot for 20 years and drank alcohol for 25 (I was a hippie in S.F.). I am 23 years clean and sober today, but I do miss pot. I stopped smoking it not because I felt it was harmful but because I wanted to see what life is like when you don't use any mind-altering drugs. Now, as I age (and retired recently) and see my end of life perhaps not too many years away, I long to be as free and inspired as I felt when I smoked a little pot almost daily. I painted, wrote poems, photographed extensively and played music every day. Something got tight in me, sort of tense and fearful when I stopped smoking marijuana I think. I will NEVER drink alcohol again because it is a poison, and I did bad things on it. I didn't do bad things on pot though. In any case, there are many in AA who take anti-depressants (not me) and it seems unfair to say pot should not be smoked if you want to get your chips in AA. I have seen how powerful and mentally distorting prescription drugs can be, and I don't see why that is OK to do. I am, however, a bit confused about using pot again but am considering getting a medical mj card as I am a breast cancer survivor and have PTSD from the death of my only child. What do you all out there think?

Alcoholism and Marijuana NEW
by: Anonymous

This is my opinion...that is it. What I hope to do with writing this is help others who smoke marijuana while also working the steps of AA.

So here is my deal. The negative affects in my life have stemmed from my alcohol abuse. Period. I have one year, five months and 22 days sober from alcohol. I've been a daily smoker for almost 14 years. I'd changed that recently and stopped smoking for over 30 days, as I progressed through my 4th Step. It was in this area that I discovered the fear, shame and guilt from smoking marijuana. One of my many concerns was "What if my fiancés parents find out." I didn't want to disappoint them...this was a fear...and they are already in awe of my recovery. So I set MJ aside and took some time off from smoking to really reflect on it.

These are my feelings and experiences on the subject since then.

While in some social circles MJ is totally acceptable...the fact that it is illegal under US federal law, MJ immediately causes judgment from others. This in turn can cause feelings of shame, fear and guilt in the Alcoholic. That in my opinion is the major concern for any Sponsor or Sponsee...the shame, fear and guilt which is what causes so many relapses in early recovery. Would MJ being legal in my home State or on the Federal level change this? Possibly. I know I wouldn't feel the need to explain why I smoke...the way a cigarette smoker doesn't have to...or a coffee drinker doesn't. Even with a Medical Marijuana Card...I still felt a reason to explain my use. I shouldn't need to...the way a cigarette smoker doesn't need to. Ultimately comes down to my feelings of Shame, Guilt and Fear.

Cigarettes are a mind altering drug. Caffeine is a mind altering drug. Sugar is a mind altering drug. These are things that we Alcoholics while in recovery will over indulge in. We allow ourselves not to have fear or guilt about these things because Alcohol is our number one concern...the thing that will kill us. They are also all legal. And shame, guilt and fear are not as associated with them when in recovery because of this. If cigarette smoking became illegal tomorrow and it was no longer acceptable to smoke a cigarette outside a meeting...would feelings of guilt, shame and fear rise in those AA smokers? Most likely. And that could cause a relapse.

From my experience...if you have a sponsor and are a cigarette smoker, your sponsor would say, "in your early years of sobriety, what you need to worry about is your sobriety from alcohol and not let quitting smoking affect your recovery." Why? Because if you fail at quitting smoking while in your early days of AA recovery you may feel a certain amount of guilt and shame for not succeeding in your goal to stop smoking...which could cause you to relapse.

MJ does cause turmoil and problems in some peoples lives. Some people are truly better because they go to groups like MA or stop smoking. And some people live truly productive lives smoking MJ on a daily basis...just like some people drink all their lives and live a productive life.

The typical addict is just addict. That is why many of us can't get enough cigarettes, caffeine or sugar while in our early days of AA recovery. So that should be a concern for anyone that is like us...especially when using a mind altering drug.

Smoking marijuana is an "Other Issue" for AA. That is the simple answer. Losing chips for our years sober for smoking pot is not and should not happen. We are members of AA for our Alcoholism not our pot smoking. The only requirement for being part of AA is a desire to stop drinking. That is it. The extended answer...If during your step work, especially the 4th and 5th steps, you encounter fears, shame or guilt for using marijuana, it is something that may affect your sobriety. Feelings of Fear, Guilt and Shame are your major causes of relapse for the Alcoholic. Only you can know the true answer to whether or not it is a possible risk you should take. For myself...I have smoked pot recently and will in the future. I will remain a member of AA and I will focus on that recovery before quitting Caffeine, Nicotine Gum, sugar or even pot for that matter.

Its outside of AA NEW
by: Anonymous

The Third Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous does not say anything about a desire to stop anything other than drinking. There is nothing in the traditions about stopping other drugs.
In The Language of the Heart, an accumulation of Bill W’s Grapevine articles, he wrote about PROBLEMS OTHER THAN ALCOHOL is on pages 222 through 225. On page 223 he stated ” Sobriety — freedom from alcohol — through the teaching and practice of the Twelve Steps, is the sole purpose of an AA group.” It is clear from this statement that sobriety as it relates to AA is about alcohol and not about other drugs. On page 224 Bill W. talks about an intravenous user of drugs who was also an alcoholic and said “Since then, he has helped many AAs and some non-AAs with their pill and drug troubles. Of course, that is strictly his affair and is no way the business of the AA group to which he belongs. In his group he is a member because, in actual fact, he is an alcoholic.” Note that this is also published in the AA pamphlet PROBLEMS OTHER THAN ALCOHOL. It is common, however, to hear in meetings and outside of meetings AA’s saying that someone or other should change their sobriety date if he or she has taken drugs other than alcohol. Some AA’s will even say this about prescription drugs even if they were taken as prescribed. Drugs other than alcohol, overeating, problems with gambling, etc. are outside issues and if someone chooses to join another organization as a result of that then there can be another anniversary date for that particular issue. Those things have nothing to do with AA so there could be two or even more than 2 anniversary dates but the AA birthday is strictly related to freedom from alcohol. The legalization of pot is an outside issue. Let’s keep Tradition Ten in mind when it comes to outside issues.

Confusing concept NEW
by: Anonymous

A poster states that using marijuana is a "gateway drug" and that the taste of "any mood altering drug" can lead to the use of alcohol. First of all there are those who began with alcohol and it lead to the use of other drugs. Does that make alcohol a "gateway drug"? We don't tell people that alcohol will lead to pill popping, smoking cannabis and intravenous drug use do we? No, because its an accepted legal way to get high. And what about prescription anti-depressants such as say Prozac? Prozac definitely 'altered' my mood but it was prescribed for an issue that had nothing to do with alcoholism and yet my sponsor at the time decided that she couldn't be my sponsor because my psychiatrist prescribed Prozac. She was wrong. AA is for alcohol and nothing else but alcohol. A smoke can lead to a drink the way a new job can lead to a drink or a new love affair can lead to a drink or dealing with ones family can lead to a drink. Do we tell people not to get a new job, deal with the family or stay away from love? No. AA is for alcoholism and it should deal with that and nothing else. The idea that ALL addicts are addicted to everything and anything is false.

You R either Clean n Sober or U R NOT NEW
by: Anonymous

Well i have found some encouraging and well put comments But also found one that bothers me especially for those in denial, of the girl i believe that mentions her bf n his dad who has 10 years clean n sober BUT has done it using methadone, Hummm
Sorry to bust your bubble but he is NOT Clean n Sober, my X tried to run that one me and i had told her straight out, You are either Clean or Not their are no inbetweens, methadone is a drug, her response was well im not sticking a needle in my arm anymore, Humm and your point ? All BS typical addict behavior, and their are many people in AA and NA that do this or use other drugs such a prescriptions and even this has a twist.
Their are also use or drink and justify one or the other being clean n sober example: One at a Narcotics meeting saying their clean n sober yet i drink a beer or two because ive never had a problem with drinking it was just drugs, Hummm and vise a versa.
But being a serious user for 30+ years who was told by a friend who has passed on clean, its either all or nothing , and thats what i choose NOTHING having TODAY 23 years Clean n Sober.
So its all comes down to a personal choice, and keeping it honest is the best way to go.

MJ for withdrawals NEW
by: Anonymous

I have been clean for 4 1/2 years (after relapsing from being clean and sober for 18 years. For the last for years the doctors have kept me on Suboxone and despite my constant request to get me off of that stuff, they always refused. So now I take things into my own hands. Despite what "they" say Suboxone withdrawals are a beast even at the lowest dose (which is where I'm at now). I have low dose valium which I thought would help me, but have 2 joints as back up in case I need something stronger. I already have so much medication in me and don't care to add anymore. What are your thought on Recovery/withdrawals with MJ and relapse? I'm only going to smoke it if I absolutely need it. I plan on stopping it as soon as I get through the withdrawals. BM

Don't Let the Guilt take you to booze
by: Anonymous

I had nine years sober and smoked pot...immediately began feeling like I had relapsed and I might as well go ahead and REALLY relapse with alcohol. Well, that was three years ago and the decision to put booze in my body was not a good one. I am sober now but I will never let the "shame" of smoking a little pot lead me to the point of drinking again. In my mind, the little sobriety date I wrote down was all that mattered...not the fact that I had started a successful business and have a wonderful family due to my recovery. My point...please don't let a thing like smoking a little pot lead you back to retrospect, it wasn't that big of a deal and any fellow AA members that would look down on me for it can take that sobriety date and shove it up their ass. The whole sobriety date thing seems like a competition to me...especially considering the fact that everyone says the only day that matters is today.

thanks you
by: Anonymous

this is awesome...
join me and share more on face - book

12 step recovery, cannabis acceptance group

Looking for advice
by: Anonymous

I will have 10 years clean and sober on August 20th. I'm throwing this one out to the universe, or at least those reading these comments. I was a heroin junkie for a long time. I have not had a drop of alcohol or any other mood altering substance in 10 years. I have anxiety, probably a good bit of depression and these feelings have magnified since my father passed away in March.I always have joked that someday I would smoke pot again as I always found it to take me to a 'zen' like place. So here I am on the day of my 10 year anniversary and I want to do is smoke pot.

I should also mention that by boyfriend and father of my children (17 year partner in life) is also clean and sober 10 years on the 23rd. But he has done it with methadone.

When we stopped using heroin we made an agreement. I would not smoke weed and he would not drink beer. Because he loved to drink as much as I love to smoke.

My questions are these:

Am I just wanting to smoke because of my 10 year mark coininciding with my fathers death and other stressful life transitions?

Would i be putting my partners sobriety at risk?

Meaning, he cannot smoke. After 10 years on a methadone program he cannot smoke pot, he is tested monthly.

It is a miracle us 2 junkies have made it this far.

All this being said i truly feel as others do here. In the last couple years i have considered exploring either antidepressants or anti anxiety meds, and I just don't want to go there. I actually believe marijuana would improve my mental state.

Anyone who takes the time to read all of this and respond, thanks. I'll check back later on before I make today's decision.

Peace and love...

AA Hypocrisy?
by: Mr. Bear

Anonymous wrote: "AA is hypocritical to say someone loses their days for smoking marijuana."

First, AA doesn't say that; some AA members do. Officially, according to AA literature, it's an "outside issue."

It is, indeed, hypocrisy when AA members insist, on the one hand, upon pursuing its so-called "singleness of purpose" and yet, on the other, telling people that they aren't "sober" if they're using drugs other than alcohol. This position places them in opposition to their own organization.

It was AA who, a long, long time ago, decided to draw a distinction between alcoholics and all other drug addicts. There may or many not have been good reason to do this at the time, and there may or many not be good reason to continue doing so today.

Having said all that, I will now say this: Instead of complaining about hypocrisy, abuse or injustice, (real or perceived) in AA, why don't all y'all take what you can use, leave the rest, and then carry it to NA?

If NA is lacking in good recovery or in long-time members, it's mostly because addicts go to AA, recover and then get too damn lazy or maybe too "good" to mingle with the unwashed heathens.

So, how 'bout it, people?

using THC in alcohol recovery
by: Cheryl

I have been in recovery since 1993. Have been to strict meetings, strict sponsors, soft meetings, kind of like the 3 bears. you have to find the one that is just right. The main thing I have learned for myself is to keep honest with my sponsor. there are certain things that shouldn't be brought up while speaking in your group. old timers dont want to hear about the drugs or mj. They want to hear about the alcohol and relating to the solution. As far as my sobriety date. I dont keep one. I have given up on that. It's an ego thing anyways. The program works, going to meetings works and being honest with my sponsor. MJ has never caused probs for me, in fact it brings me closer to God, to nature. I never get the urge to use something stronger. MJ is an herb I believe God provided to get closer to Him. My God given senses of compassion are enhanced and it has never made me violent and ending up in jail as alcohol has. I thank you so much for this discussion. Blessings to all and much happiness.

Celebrating Life
by: Kelly T.

Hey good morning fellow alky's and pot smokers. I havent posted in awhile, but I've sure been happy joyous and free. my life continues to heal and get better...certainly more interesting. Ive got friends and a relationship with my Higher Power that is very comforting. I am enormously grateful. I'm also grateful for the has been with me for the last 5 years and I am quite sure has helped me. It's MY ANTIDEPRESSANT OF CHOICE. I look around and see so many of us AA'ers who are sober, but sure don't seem to be enjoying life, or living a day at a time. Weed helps me stay in the moment, helps me have a better understanding of God, and helps me rise above pettiness. It helps me see the Good in life and in others. And, especially in myself. Most of all it helps me to just LIGHTEN UP.
I thank God for AA. I also thank Him for weed. Just felt like sharing that with you today. I am all about live and let live...but I can't help but wonder if smoking pot wouldn't help some members who are so uptight. Like I used to be.

peace and love, kt

Everyone is different.
by: Anonymous

When I drank I rarely smoked MJ and the times I did I generally considered the experience to be a negative one- usually paranoia was the result of smoking MJ when I was a drinker.

After about ten years of sobriety I made the judgement that I was strong enough to try MJ again as an experiment. Fully expecting the experience to be negative- I was pleasantly surprised that I did not have any feelings of paranoia and intense negative self reflection that I would get when I was drinker and I smoked MJ.

I am now a regular user of MJ- about once or twice a week and I find that the "High" isn't the most beneficial part of smoking MJ- but the anti anxiety effects that seem to last for days afterwards. For me- it doesn't take much. I buy a quarter ounce every three or four months and use a "one hitter" to smoke one to three hits at a time (and then I usually exercise for as long as the "High" lasts- anywhere between 1/2 hour to an hour). Or I will make a pot of a coffee and smoke a few one hitters and watch a movie or listen to music- or even try to do something artistic or hobby like (jigsaw puzzles for example). I have none of the obsessive wanting of "more" that I had with alcohol. In fact- I find if I smoke too much- the experience can be negative. To avoid this I actually search out and buy the weakest weed I can find.

For me? In my life? MJ is beneficial. I generally don't tell people about it though because most people don't get that alcohol and MJ are very different drugs.

Would I recommend smoking MJ to other alcoholics though? No. This was a personal decision of mine that I arrived at after much thinking and generally knowing what I can handle. Everyone is different and I wouldn't want to be responsible for someone's relapse to drinking by telling them to smoke MJ.

Only after a thorough and honest examination of your own self- would I recommend smoking MJ to another alcoholic.

by: Anonymous

turning to weed helped me when i quit my 22 year daily drinking habit

Thoughts on the MJ Subject
by: Sober

The funny thing is this, by AA members being judgemental in regards to whether smoking is a relapse they are making it more difficult for the person to want to come back to meetings. This is one of the reasons why AA works so well, people are supposed to be non judgemental. MJ does not have the same affect as alcohol and one can't sit there smoking one right after the other. Typical you take a hit and are good to go. Has no comparison to alcohol and everyone uses something in this life to alleviate stress or nervousness. I choose to participate in a natural remedy and it's no one elses business. If my AA members find out and have a problem with it then I'll find another group that is not so judgemental.

so glad to see this question!!!
by: Anonymous

I am 6 months alcohol free. I finally realized after 20 years of drinking and feeling unbearable guilt and depression that I was done. I did it without AA - I have some incredible support in my life and once I realized how much happier my life it without it, I'm hooked! But, I also enjoyed mj in the past and after a few months of nothing I began eating the occasionally brownie and I love it. It mellows me and makes me feel happy and calm. It just adds a little something that seems to work for me. It doesn't make me want to drink - in fact, just the opposite. But I have been so curious about AA's reaction to this. I would like to be more involved in helping others in my community who have stopped drinking but am realizing I could be considered a hypocrite or not sober b/c of the mj. I have fought hard to stop drinking and be able to shake the stigma of that and it's absurd to me that b/c I like a little herb that I could be considered a failure. So, thank you all for being here and having this discussion! I feel much more in tune with many and not so alone. peace and happiness is what we all deserve....thanks

Smoke Cigarettes in Recovery but Shun Marijuana Use?
by: Anonymous

I find it hypocritical that drugs such as coffee and cigarettes are openly encouraged in the recovery community while marijuana is frowned upon. Really? Why are cigarettes okay? Because they are legal? Everyone has to decide their own limitations and what is a problem for them. I've never been able to get past this. Most AA meetings have junk food and coffee served. It seems that questioning this is not acceptable.

AA Success Rate?
by: Kelly T.

hi, why am i the only one using her name here. haha
hey someone posted that AA currently has a 50% success rate...that is misinformation. according to the local counsel on alcoholism, its more like 5%. so many of us dont even ever find AA, and very few of us who do die sober. sad but true. look around, how many of us come and go. a good pal of mine just died from liver faillure.

all i know for sure is i am sooo grateful to be one of the sober ones today.

thank goodness pot is legal in california. i can drive to the local clinic, show my medical card, and choose from any number of good quality pot, hash, and edibles. its not expensive. its not a big deal to most of us. sure better than going to the liquor store for booze and cigs. it works for me.

what a beautiful day it is here!
peace and love, kelly

im glad we are talking

I Do It
by: Anonymous

I am so glad this topic was posted here. I have been recently came back to AA "again," and haven't had a drink in almost two months and have been fairly involved in AA. I smoke pot occassionally at home, and decided I needed to be honest with people. So I told my sponsor and a friend of mine in AA. My sponsor's view and opinion on pot is different than mine. She todl me she will not do any stepwork with me if I am smoking pot, and not to call her after or while I'm smoking (the second one seems fair.)

I would still like to purse a path of healing and, for me, marijuana when used responsibly at home is not a problem for that. Marijuana has helped me and I do not feel guilty or ashamed about it.

illegal my A$$
by: Anonymous

@ keep AA
by: Anonymous

I love the illegal defense as a reason not to use marijuana(mj). In my state we get a ticket for possession of mj, no jail time and the fine is minimal, about the same as a speeding, or running a stop sign ticket. Another thing to look at is the fact that 16 states have already made medical marijuana legal and all other states and the Feds will soon follow. The people in AA are not honest or willing enough to admit that they do illegal things on a daily bases. They lie, cheap, steal, and screw people over with their dishonest daily habits, then blame it on their alcoholism. I have met many members of AA that participated in illegal activity in sobriety. Also, all laws are not correct and if you were in the position of having to break one to get what you needed, say coffee or cigarettes, you would. I would also like to point out that mj has been linked to zero deaths, compare that to alcohol and tobacco use. Every year alcohol abuse kills about 75,000 people. Tobacco smoking kills about 443,000 people per year.I'm not even going to get into how many over the counter and FDA approved drugs that people in AA use and abuse that are as, if not more harmful then alcohol. AA and it's members needs to take an actual inventory of its self. Admit their wrongs and fix them. That way, people will benefit from AA instead of living in a pool of guilt.I don't condone the use of alcohol or drugs if they have made your live unmanageable, but I do condemn AA for being so judgmental, hardheaded and afraid to change to meet the needs of today's alcoholics.

I think it,s fine if it's no problem,
by: Anonymous

I've been in the program for almost my entire life. I've also be to countless meetings, and years of sobriety. But I struggled with should In or shouldn't I ? Well I did, and really like it! I will, and of this I'm sure never drink again or drug again but I've recently laughed and worked out also. I love and always did like the taste of good pot, and I like relaxing too. Life is to short not to smoke pot. As long as it's not a problem then it's no problem.

keep AA
by: Anonymous

Good topic and a hard one to answer that all readers would feel agreeable with.
However where do we draw the line in the sand if a man or woman is using cocaine without active addiction then that must also be ok, in our country the U.K. drugs are still illegal, so not only is it illegal to sell or purchase it is also illegal to smoke, it would be my guess then if we are smoking weed in the UK and are members of groups we must also be practising dishonesty, or at least breaking an obvious law, i belive that if thats what you want then thats fine, but i would also again wonder where AA will be in the next 15-20yrs if we have gone from a sucsess rate of 50% to 5% is it any wonder why AA meetings are going underground, the only thing that should be pure in AA is the message, you can be happy joyous and free without chemical aids. Love you all

MJ Friendly AA Meetings
by: Kelly T.

"I am wondering if there are any AA meetings in the world which OPENLY accept the use of mj while in recovery... a medical mj patient and newcomer to town, recently asked for assistance from the current AA group to start a mj friendly AA meeting. I'm afraid he has a rough road ahead"

Hi all. and yes, i'm afraid he does too. Let us know how that works for him. The people who "outed" me for smoking weed seem to be getting over it, as they see me continue my meetings as always. plus im older than most and they know i dont want to hear their opinion.
and they cant kick me out of AA haha.
Peace to you all

dangerous area.
by: Anonymous

I have read many comments of people wanting to try this and it seems for the wrong reasons.

Putting aside the "do I have to change my sobriety date" issue, which I say who gives a $h!t, its just a date and really not other people's business or concern. My problems with Alcohol, sex, caffene, cigs, food.... hell the list could go on. I am a addict, I think smoking pot now would cause serious problems with me.

As for the people who smoke it for medical issues, or just want to smoke it and it hasn't cause life problems, more power to ya. And if you were in my group I would welcome you and have no issues on this subject. I agree it's not anyone's place to judge.
But.... If you came here looking for justification because your not sure it will hurt you, do you really want to chance it if you are happer now that your sober.

by: Anonymous

The success rate of AA is 5% or less. This is not a guess or opinion, it is a fact. I don't believe AA helps anyone get or stay sober. I do believe AA takes the credit for the people who are going to quit on their on anyway. AA is a business and makes money just like any other nonprofit business.Bill W. was in it for the money and almost gave up on AA because it wasn't making enough money to support him.Remember, Bill W. was broke and a known shyster when he started AA. He needed an income to support himself and family. All AA does is feed and profit off of emotionally sick and desperate people. I woke up one morning three years ago and decided to stop drinking myself to death. AA, 12 steps, and a higher power didn't get me sober. I did! I take full credit for all my progress. It was me who made all the decisions that has kelp me sober, not God or AA. I went to AA and asked for help, only to be told to, get a sponsor, go to meeting, and read the Big Book, or some other pat answers like, First Things First, Easy Does IT, Let Go, Let God, or work the steps.I did all this for many years to no avail. All my sponsors never did what they said, nor did they help me. AA didn't help and the program doesn't work.In fact, I was so mad at the judgement, opinions, and lies in AA that I almost started drinking out of resentment. AA is a religious organization, but insist it is not. The word God in the steps is referring to is the same God that the Jews, Christians, and Muslims worship. Even in the chapter "We Agnostics", AA tells you that all humans have the fundamental idea of this God. This is not true, the idea of God is taught. Bill even says that God came to him in his room that night and saved him.I go to a professional educated people for help. I take responsibility for my actions,make mature decisions, and don't drink.I don't cheat,steal or lie very often.I'm in college and have a 4.0 I have good real friends. All you need to get and stay sober is a little intelligence and willingness, if you don't want to stay sober don't waste you time trying, it wont work.The best higher power is education.Weed is no more addictive or harmful than caffeine or sugar. It doesn't interfere with my life and has helped me get off of psych meds.Bill W. was on LSD for years and still calmed sobriety.He died for emphysema.Why didn't he use the steps for that addiction. If you want to believe in an organization that is a lie, but demands honesty, them enjoy your confusion, sit down shut up and let AA run your life.Sorry for being honest.

Medical Marijuana in AA / Recovery...
by: Anonymous

I'm SO happy to find this topic being discussed. I am an alcoholic with 2 1/2 years sobriety. I live in a VERY small town in CO, where there is a single AA group (which also serves as NA for many) - same people meeting several times a week. In my third month of sobriety, I had to start at "day one", due to choosing to puff off a joint to help me cope with a stressful situation - rather than caving and taking a drink.

I am also an advocate for the medicinal properties within mj... I am finding great distaste for an alcohol recovery program / group conscious which is closed minded towards an individual's personal choice to use mj... and
my concern over this is flamed by the fact that we have many "medical mj" distributors and patients in CO and in our town.

I am wondering if there are any AA meetings in the world which OPENLY accept the use of mj while in recovery... a medical mj patient and newcomer to town, recently asked for assistance from the current AA group to start a mj friendly AA meeting. I'm afraid he has a rough road ahead and thought someone may have experience trying to start such a meeting. Seems there are many people who use mj for medical and other purposes, while working the 12 steps for alcoholism... how can I help this gentleman start something which may help save the lives of some more alcoholics?

Thank you!!!

what my heart says
by: Anonymous

I'm in recovery. A little over 8 yrs sober by the grace of God and fellowship of th program, and action. At 6 yrs a smoked 1 hit off a joint. Felt guilty. Picked up a desire chip, and from that point on felt even worse like I was betraying myself because I had not picked up a drink and had no desire to. Didn't celebrate a 1 yr birthday or a 7 year birthday, either one. I felt like a ghost in my own recovery. I had voices of my past echoing in my head, playing old tapes of guilt, and old timers and newcomers both telling me I wasn't sober. But there was one problem. I felt sober. I felt great. One of the things I learned during intense step work was that guilt was something that ran my life. Shapd my every move. I wanted to not feel guilty, but I knew that I came into the rooms to stop drinking and I wasn't drinking. Yes, pot changes how I feel, think, percieve etc, but I also had some folks in AA hold my hand through rounds and rouns of antipsychotics, not knowing what they were doing to me, but convinced I needed that outside help. What it came down to for me was deciding whether it is people's opinions or my HP in my heart I can hear and feel in my heart that I will allow to guide my life. That's my part. Only my HP knows what's best, and I would never know that conscious contact if it weren't for the program. Fo after all, AA was about not drinking at first, now it is about maintaining a conscious contact with HP, which in turn directs me to help others. That's how my recovery has worked. Today I claim my original date, not from the desire chip I picked up 2 years ago. I have a peace in my heart, and no care for what my peers think about what choices I make. Granted, I bite my tongue about it alot, but that's my walk with My HP. And now for 2 years I can celebrate freedom from antiipsychotics, freedom from condemning diagnones like schizophrenia and bi polar and ocd and the list goes on.... and enjoy a couple hits of a joint or pipe and laugh and love and clean house and help others. But that is just my .02

AA and Pot
by: Kelly T.

AA has saved my life. thats a fact. continuing to practice the steps, helping others, and cleaning house keeps me happy and free. trusting in a Higher Power keeps me going every day. maybe its just me, but ive never had to justify or rationalize smoking weed and being sober...not even to myself. it just seems easy and natural, and without question, very helpful to use herb for pain and anxiety. i've been around long enough to know its really this...'to thine own self be true.' that helps me a lot. lets face it, life is hard even sober, even with program...every day brings new challenges. i will not apoligize for these feelings. and again, i wouldnt advocate my lifestyle to anyone. ive got peace of mind today, that is the result for me. glad we're talking about this.

by: Anonymous

If everyone in AA became honest, we would have no, to little, true sober members. I've never met so many uneducated people in one room in my life. Sugar, caffeine, and nicotine are mood altering drugs.They are all addictive and they are all being abused by the members of AA.Psych meds and anti- depressants are also mood altering and i know many members on them. These drugs i just mentioned are all harmful and cause many bad side effects, just as bad as alcohol. I also know a girl who says she is sober for 20+ years, but takes a bottle of Advil everyday.i just do what works best for me and helps me produce instead of fail.if weed is a problem stop it, if not enjoy.

Nice to not feel alone again!
by: Stacey

Thank you sooooo much for asking this question and thank you to everyone else for the things that they have shared here too. This is one of the most personal issues that you can have in AA that you can't talk about freely. AA's program is wonderful and helps to save the lives of many and it needs to have the stringent "rule" of not compromising your sobriety in any way. But of course living by rigid standards doesn't work for most of us. We have to find our own personal path. I am currently struggling with how much I want to participate in AA and how much weed I want to smoke. I am judging myself back and forth as bad and good and indifferent. Its rough! You receive some serious good programming in AA and rationalizing smoking pot is rough. But, I know i need it for my mental issues and I absolutely love its affects. It has only enhanced my spirituality. I am trying to be more proud of this and less shamed. I will pray for you too!

Panties up my a@&
by: Anonymous

I thought stoners or potheads were suppose to be peaceful? Nobody cares if you smoke weed and claim that you are sober. Marijuana and alcohol are drugs, but I guess since I haven't done coke in 9 years I can change my sobriety date back to 2000. Good to know. It must be hard to keep a secret from the vengence and judgement of those AA'ers. I'm going to smoke a cigarette now and drink a pot of coffee along with my red bull..right after I take my psych meds. Then maybe hit up a meeting and keep a closed mind as I judge the people I think are judging me. Better change my underwear first. This was fun, thank you!

by: Kelly T.

hey 'blessed be', dont get your panties all up in a knot! really, thank you for sharing. and to answer one of your questions, its because of you and your mindset that i dont share my personal stuff in AA meetings. its just simply annyoying to listen to that closed-minded chatter. who made you the Authority? we have neither the right nor the responsibility to judge others. i am sober. ive been alcohol free since 1980. im happy and free. good that you dont smoke pot, if it leads you back to other dope and liquor. i wish you well. goings out over and over must be hard.
i dont understand why my smoking weed would possibly get you so upset? ive been taught to keep my own side of the street clean...
ill say again, this is just my opinion.

Justification for a secret.
by: Anonymous

A question proposed for those who still claim sobriety while using a mood and mind altering substance: If everything is right in your decision, and you have Bill W and his LSD as well as the third tradition to back you up, why keep it a secret? Why fear judgement in meetings from fellow AAs or the opinion of your sponsor if you are right with yourself? My feeling is the 'secret' of smoking weed while claiming sobriety is just as dangerous as the substance itself. Secrets take us OUT. There is a common bond among the people saying they smoke weed and claim sobriety ... That gut feeling tellig them something is wrong and the need to rationalize and justify their use. Clearly that gut feeeling is trying to tell you something. I'm not trying to shame anyone or make anyone feel guilty. I was simply suprised by the number of 'Rah Rah's' surrounding this. Isn't the whole point of sobriety freedom fom bondge of self? Freedom from substance? How free can we be while chained to a drug?

Your truth
by: Anonymous

My impression of some of the comments remind me of those people who sling bible verses without ever having read the bible. There is no mystery or hidden meaning behind the definition of sobriety. No, you are not sober in AA if you smoke weed no matter what the third tradition states, although you are welcome as a member if you have a desire to stop drinking. All this means is that if you smoke weed and continue to come to AA claiming your sobriety, you are lying. In the course of 10 years, I have relapsed 3 times and it all started with similar thoughts of how it's not a big deal; it's just weed, it's better than cigarettes, it never got me in the trouble that drinking did, AA's would be hypocrites because of the 3rd Tradition, I'm not going to drink or do coke..etc..etc...I won't go into the depth of each relapse, but I can tell you as soon as the effect from the weed was felt I knew I didn't like it..I knew I just lost my sobriety. I know that I have alcoholism and cannot safely or moderately use any mind altering substance without abusing. I had tried after certain lengths of sobriety, the last one at 6 1/2 years. Ultimately, I found that the great debate I had about whether to smoke pot or not was one that only an addict would have. If it wasn't a big deal, I would have just done it without question-a temperant, non-alcoholic drinker doesn't debate whether or not they should have a glass of red wine because it's heart healthy. Best of luck with whatever you decide or have decided to do. Your experience will be your truth and also your answer. Blessed be.

Big deal for me
by: Anonymous

I relapsed At 1 1/2 years, 9 months and 6 1/2 years...all started with marijuana. For most of the reasons listed's just weed right. Two of the relapses took me down and out. "I'm not sober anymore..might as well have a drink. Smoking weed led me right back into drinking and doing cocaine. Ultimately, if I have to debate back and forth whether something is a good's not. Good luck. Maybe you're not really an addict.

by: Kelly T.

morning..glad you posted. this is a perfect example of the majority of AA mindset regarding pot. you picked your sponsor for a reason, and they mean well. i just dont personally feel anyone can say if one has 'relapsed' or not. only you and your heart can answer that. what do you feel?

they would never say that to someone whos buzzed on caffiene for example.

it took me a long time to find a sponsor who, even tho she doesnt use pot, certainly doesnt judge me or tell me to change my sobriety date. its important to find someone we can be rigorously honest with.

Your answer will come...meanwhile please dont be so hard on yourself. we have enough to deal with w/o additional stress of guilt or shame...

Did I relaps?
by: jld1959

In one month, I will have had 1 year of sobriety. My problem is I am an alcoholic. I smoked a little weed (very little) in high school about 35 years ago but not since. I volunteer cooking on Fridays on a regular basis and about 2 months ago was really having a bad evening, I didn't know who if anyone would show up and was a nervous wreck. I didn't have the urge to drink at all. One of the volunteers smokes weed several times a day on a regular basis and she just said take a hit and it'll calm you down. It didn't do anything for me and I haven't done it since.

I just told my sponsor today about it and she said I relapsed. I am sick to my stomach about it. I honestly didn't think twice about taking 1 hit that it would jeapordize my sobriety. My problem is alcohol not drugs. As I said I haven't done it in about 35 years and have no desire to do it again. I NEVER would have done it had I known it would be a relapse. Would like some feedback from you please. I can't stop crying about this and feel like just saying fuck it why bother anymore.

Tradition Three
by: Kelly T.

im glad you posted, and great that you've gotten off psyche meds and especially ambien...that drug is dangerous.

having been happy and sober in AA for many years, and a weed smoker, i've learned to keep it quiet in meetings. its a personal thing...nor would i share about the other medications i use for a valid reason. pot has been so poorly misunderstood and represented to be a bad thing. for some of us, its helpful with pain and anxiety. booze shut my feelings off...pot enhances them and allows me to see things from a higher perspective. dont feel guilty, just know who you can share with and when to keep quiet. someday this will change, but it hasnt done so yet...haha

remember, just for today

by: Anonymous

I have been sober for 2 1/2 years. I started smoking weed 18 months ago, for chemo. After the chemo, i kept smoking it. i have since been able to get off of all anti-depressants and psych meds. i also stopped taking ambien, a drug that the doctors said isn't addictive. It made me sleep walk to the bar next door and i almost drank. i had withdraws for three months. the weed has done nothing but help me, but i'm afraid to tell anyone in AA and can't. i feel guilty like im doing something wrong. i see people drinking pots of coffee and chain smoking cigarettes and it makes me sick. i all most died from cigarettes and caffeine affects me like coke, my drug of choose.I lived on cocaine and alcohol for 20 years and now im healthy, back in school,and am very responsible. I still know i can't drink or do coke and i haven't felt like it in over two.

no hard no foul
by: Anonymous

It is completely your own decision. No one has the right to judge your choices in AA. People should be keeping their own side of the street clean. If smoking weed doesnt effect your relationship with your higher power then I personally dont see the problem.

I personally have been sober a little while and ocassiobaly smoke weed. I dont see the harm in it, and I dont feel as though I am doing anything wrong. And if people inside the rooms have a problem with it, I find it hypocritical. If you personally dont see it as an issue and its not affecting your spiritual condition then its not an issue.

Marijuanna has not led me back to drinking, coke or pills. I wake up happy and content with my personal recovery. Everyones recovery is personal to them and as you feel at peace with your own program then i dont see the problem.

The answer to this debate lies within your own concious

Thanks and God Bless everyone, great debate.

I wish I could eat a brownie
by: Anonymous

I have 13 years sobriety..I am grateful for the clarity that sobriety gave to my life. I stopped smoking grass many years before I stopped alcohol...It got to a point where I would feel paranoid when I smoked and i only hated that...

Well, fast forward and here I am coming on 13 years sober and i am semi retired and I am studying piano. I would love to smoke, get stoned and run up and down the ivory....

But I am unready to lose my cherished sobriety...nonetheless, I would love to smoke and I am taking it very seriously....When I decide I will have thought long and hard about it.

pot and pills
by: Kelly T.

morning, yes i agree. pills are taking out a lot of people...especially pain killers. talk about a 'gateway drug'. but even if someone chooses to use pills in sobriety, its their business long as it doesnt affect my sobriety.

i've got some physical pain, been kinda hard on this body over the years. pot is the absolute best pain-killer for me. if it doesnt take away the pain, it makes me feel better anyway.

im glad more people are posting here. its not good to feel guilty about smoking weed.

easy does it

Mj's better than pills
by: Anonymous

I'm so happy to get everyone's opinions on this topic. I was sober for years and decided to smoke some mj to ease my anxiety, depression and restlessness. If elevated my mood, opened my mind, gave me a sense of peacefulness, and helped me sleep. I was hesitate to go into AA meetings because I felt I was a "cheater" and that I couldn't be honest with them. I was also hesitate to get a sponsor in the fear of judgement. It also puzzled me how people in
AA think it's ok to take sleeping pills, antidepressants, xanax etc but that mj is wrong and will cause relapse. Honestly, I believe this is complete BS. The government would rather us spend all our money on pills than grow a harmless plant in our backyard that could cure so many of these things. No one should feel better about a chemically altered pill, than a plant in pure form. It only makes sense!!!!!!

My Experience after 27 years
by: Easier, Softer Wade

I was sober about two years, smoking pot all along, before I first heard people in AA say pot is the same as alcohol, and that I'd get drunk if I smoked it. I knew that was crap, having already stayed sober two years with no slips.

Alcohol was killing me, so I wanted to quit.
MJ was helping me, so I didn't want to quit. So I didn't.

27 years sober now, smoke every day. Call it Marijuana Maintenence if you need to call it something, but it works, it really does.

Happy Monday
by: Kelly T.

happy monday. i hope this morphs into a discussion board...ive wanted this kind of input from others for years. i dont think we who choose to smoke weed should have to feel guilty, thats sure not what AA is all about.

hey theres a fascinating article about Bill W. taking LSD AFTER getting sober. he was plagued by deep depression and used it with a 'therapist'. great for him, i hope it helped. most of us know something about depression. thats a very good reason for me to smoke bud. it totally helps my depression. haha who could be depressed with a morning cup of coffee and some bud? it works for me. i do not advocate this for anyone else. i used to have to wake up and drink...that was hard!

Talking about it
by: Kelly T.

hey im so glad weve started a place where people can talk about pot. i knew i wasnt the only one. they tell me im as sick as my secrets, and i would prefer not to keep bud a secret. but, ive learned to keep it to myself because i will be slammed by people who judge it harshly. i dont get it but theres a lot of things i just have to accept. i work with others and am very peaceful about my choices.

now there of course are some of us addictive types who cant and should not smoke pot. it will lead them eventually back to booze or drugs. for them i say if in doubt, dont. loosing ones sobriety can be loosing ones life. this is serious business. for me, smokings weed is not a problem. been around these rooms a long time.

Marijuana & sobriety
by: Lynne

I am 8.5 years sober. I started smoking marijuana about 18 months ago. I got sober in 2003. People frown on mj in many meetings, but for the whole time i was before I was on weed, I took sleeping pills. I smoked in my teens and twenties, but nothing did for me like alcohol did. So now I am 42 and nearly nine years without a drink. The pills I was on were bad for me. Instead of 1, I took 2 and even more. You gain tolerance real fast. Besides, I wasn't drinking, my 3 year old had cancer and a baby to take care of. Nevertheless, so I find that I practice the steps to the best of my ability, I smoke out of a very pretty glass pipe at night, when i want to go to sleep. I know I can't drink and I know that marijuana keeps my life just ticking along.

The only requirement to join Alcoholics Anonymous is a desire to stop drinking.

Just Human
by: Anonymous

I have adjusted my lifestyle and live a pleasant
life without alcohol anymore (6 years). I sometimes forget how sick I was being a practicing alcoholic. I do admit I miss the effect of the drug and pot would be perhaps a safe "once in awhile" substitute for getting "mellow". The problem was and still is when I tell myself I can control it, that is when I hit rock bottom. I agree with the previous post that I should spend more time to fill the void of need and enjoy more of the true fullfillment sobriety brings. Besides the last time I smoked was in Vietnam and I was a parrot for the longest time, Thai stick I guess:)

I've stopped beating myself up.
by: Anonymous

I had been clean and sober for 19 years in A.A. When because of my health, after praying about it, I made the decision to smoke pot again. It was not an easy decision to make, but I had been diagnosed with M.S. 2 years prior, and the disease was progressing to the point where at times I could not move. Finally one day, when I couldn't roll myself over in bed, I asked my husband to get me some. He did. Smoked up and with half an hour I could stand up. A hour later I was washing the dishes. I mostly make butter, and bake with it. It work the best for the M.S. when it's consumed orally, well for me it does.
When I got clean, pot was as much a problem for me as Alcohol. I was scared of smoking it again. But I couldn't walk, my husband worked out of town, I was more afraid of being unable to move. I thought, if it becomes a problem I will deal with it then. That was six months ago. Using it has improved the quality of my life a great deal. I do not regret it at all.

Live and Let Live
by: Kelly T.

I am really glad to see some new posts on this topic. I know I am not the only A.A. member who smokes pot. Again, this is just my choice, my opinion, and what works for me. I am very aware of the way many A.A.s feel about it, that is is not true sobriety and could lead me back to drinking...which by the way would kill me. Pot hasn't led me astray in many years. It adds to my serenity. I am a good-standing member and well-respected. Alcoholics Anonymous clearly saved my life and continues to teach me how to live one day at a time without booze. I keep my personal choices to myself, as it really is no one's business but my own. Thanks Higher Power!

Whatever an A.A. member does in the privacy of their own homes is no concern of mine considering it doesn't affect my sobriety.

Meanwhile, I am happy, joyous and free. Hoping you are too.
Peace, Kelly T.

Peaceful/ holistic drug
by: Anonymous

I have put down the drink now for sometime. I love aa meetings a go almost everyday. I have a wonderful sponsor who I talk to everyday! I have a beautiful family now that I got sober and I can honestly say that I am content in my life and sobriety!! I would also like to say that I smoke weed at night -legally of course :)) And it has helped tremendously with anxiety, sleep, meditation and it's helped me not to want to pick up a drink! It gives me the complete opposite effect actually! I see nothing wrong with it if it is used properly and responsibly. I find that people at aa meetings use prescription drugs from their doctors. Well Marijuana is prescribed to me from a doctor and its far less dangerous then those chemicals in the other drugs! Truly I love the AA community but I wish they could be less judgmental about Marijuana, especially if they are not properly informed about all the wonderful things it can help people with!! Lot's of love!!!

almost 3 years
by: Dan

Make no mistake I am a complete alcoholic. I had my first drink at age 13 and first blackout at 14. My drinking continued until the age of 42. I have been in AA since 2004 and yes I do smoke mj every day. The guilt used to bother me, but not any more. As tradition 3 says the only requirment is a desire to stop drinking and that is what I have. I keep my smoking to myself( in wife knows and is ok with it). My life has never been more peaceful since I have put the drink down completely. I hear the warnings in the rooms of smoking mj but frankly find them to not be true. My life is just fine and believe me I never drove into a phone pole or woke up in a strange place after smoking! I did this kind of thing and far to many more to list on booze. Society has the mj thing all wrong.

Tradition Three
by: Kelly T.

Interesting topic. I am 60, sober many years, and smoke weed daily. I attend lots of meetings. I am happy and peaceful much of the time. Someone smelled weed in my house and now I've been "outed". I find it all very intersting as we read "The only requirement for AA membership is a desire to stop drinking." Period. One doesn't even have to stop drinking; she only needs a DESIRE to stop. I gratefully had the urge to smoke cigarettes lifted, and other than coffee and pot, have no life-treatening addictions at this time. I say live and let live, mind your own business, and stop judging each other. God doesn't.

Holistic approach to anxiety
by: Anonymous

I have managed to stop drinking ( although I still have urges) and I'm working a good program. It all depends how you look at marijuana. If you put marijuana in the same category as crack or lsd, etc.. then trying it would make you feel uneasy and will probably lead to relapse. If you are truly educated about marijuana and look at the benifits it might give you then it might be a good choice. It helps me sleep at night - period!! People in aa chain smoke cigarettes which will kill you and drink coffee like it's water. I know of people taking prescribed drugs for anxiety and depression which I'm for one not against. In aa that is completely fine so what's wrong with taking a more holistic approach ?? I have a healthy lifestyle and I'm happy with my program. Thoughts ??

6 years sober and wanting to smoke marijuana
by: Anonymous

I have 6 years of sobriety, after 10 years of addiction. I was in different phases of my life, addicted to marijuana, cough syrup, LSD, cigarettes and alcohol, but the drug that took me down to my bottom was alcohol.

I got sober when I was 25. I am now 31. I have a pretty strong urge to smoke marijuana today and I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a drink. I am currently too afraid to drink, when I consider it, which isn't often-I don't struggle with that so much because I remember the pain. But with marijuana, I struggle. I'm a musician, I travel alot...After every show I see people drinking and getting high. This has hurt me, but at the same time, I can't quit music because it's the thing that makes me happy.

I want to use marijuana with impunity, but as the big book says, that is impossible for me. I am either in relapse, or I am just thinking for myself...I guess I'm both. I want to smoke pot to get high. I'm hoping to find some people who can smoke "successfully" without falling back into drinking. Does anybody have positive experience with this?

I wonder what it would be like
by: Anonymous

I have been sober for 19 years and never got into the drugs,i tried some but it did not interest me when i was young. I am coming up to my aa birthday soon.
I am 61 years olD and the thought came into my head that I would like to try pot just for fun with my partner just to see what will happen..I don't want to loose my years of sobriety..but I find it interesting that Iam interested...???

by: Anonymous

Although I see no big deal with it.The reason cigs and coffee are o.k. and not weed is it alters your thought process the others do not.

Pot mixed with aa
by: Anonymous

I'm spiritual, I'm working a great aa program, I'm happy, and my life is together. I smoke a little pot at night to help with sleep..I hate sleeping pills ! It works and I wake up feeling refreshed instead of a sleeping pill hangover.
Thoughts please ??

by: Anonymous

I have over six months sobriety and almost three months nicotene free. I smoked a little marijuana before going to see a comedy at the movie theater. I think it's fine to do once in a while. It didn't make me want to drink. It has never had that effect on me. I have always just done it once in a while. Marajuana is a plant, from god. Alcohol is a man-made poison. AA is hypocritical to say someone loses their days for smoking marijuana. What about the members who are addicted to cigarettes, or coffeee, or the overeaters, the gamblers...they don't lose their days!

Nicotine is worse than weed
by: Anonymous

We are recovering from Alcoholism in AA not weed addiction. What ever happen to primary purpose? If weeds a no no, how cigarettes are ok? Lets not get into coffee or some bleeding deacons head might explode. How come those two things are not banned. They are a helluva a lot more addictive and dangerous than MJ.

by: Anonymous

I am feeling like a want to smoke a little weed. I don't even want to buy any - someone here at my work has some and I think I'm going to smoke a little. Of course I'll have to hide it from everyone; sponsor, wife, fellow AA members, but I have almost six months and I don't want to drink and I don't want to start smoking marijuana regularly, I just want to smoke some tonight. I think I will, and if I find that I can't stop there I'll take it on the chin and start counting days again, even though it's the booze that I'm totally against. If I took one beer I would see it as a relapse but with weed? I don't know. Maybe it's the addict in me that can't stop thinking about it and I'll wake up tomorrow feeling terrible and weighed down with guilt.

I agree
by: Anonymous

I started going to aa a year ago when I started drinking a bottle or 2 a night. I dove into the program and I am now very much into a spiritual life. I teach yoga, I meditate and im active in the aa community. I have horrible insomnia and my Doctor gave me a prescription ( we live in California ) for marijuana to use before sleep. It works better then any of those other sleeping pills and I just do it at night. I think if you use it right then its fine. Again, studies have shown that this natural drug can help people in different ways. I think it's fine. LOL

Here's my
by: Anonymous

I am approaching my 1st year of alcohol-free sobriety, but i have been smoking on and off. I have had no problem putting it down, and when i do use, its usually in conjunction with prayer and meditation. i admit that its not for everyone, it has not caused me to desire drink in the least. quite the opposite. but, that is me, and my walk with my HP

depends on how you're wired
by: Anonymous

I am an alcoholic who doesn't drink and happy with it but I do smoke a joint every now and then and find that it's the opposite to alcohol I don't even like being stoned but it's nice to have a joint for a hot bath or sex or music it gives you something recreational to do and never makes me do the things I did when I was drinking in fact my life is great now. but I also think of the perceptions and what other aa members and would they think I was on the slippery road back to the pub. so I keep it quiet. When I drank having a joint always seemed to kill my urge for another drink anyway and now it doesn't make me want one either. I guess we are all wired differently. if you think you're the sort of person that having a joint would lead to a drink......don't do it. if you're like me then why not we all need some vice in life.

i hear ya
by: Anonymous

I have a year sobriety and am thinking about having the occasional joint. My thoughts are the same as yours... what's the harm if it's occasional... I was never a big pot smoker, etc. I just am wary that I would I would have to keep it a secret from almost everyone because almost everyone would consider it a relapse and I don't need all the judgement and work and B.S. that goes along with that. I don't think I should have to count days in AA again for having a joint. I have a lot going on in my mind and most of it revolves around how I would deal with everyone else's perceptions and judgements not my own which isn't fair. I welcome any feedback.

I can't do it
by: Anonymous

Here is my experience. After taking 24 years to acquire the last eight years of sobriety. I chose to smoke weed. Not a great choice for me. I have not taken a drink, but I am struggling now and it was not worth it.

by: Anonymous

Not sure why the urge to smoke marijuana now has come up. It's just that I don't really see it as a threat and it's a nice way to socialise and unwind sometimes. I guess there is that risk involved though so need to think carefully about this. Will check out those resources you recommend ... thanks

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