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Can Hypnosis Help Alcohol Addiction?

I have tried rehab and as you said, it was keeping sober is where I failed. I heard that hypnotists can help one get off drink and stay off drink. What is your opinion?

Many thanks


Interesting question because I am fully supportive of alternative ideas and therapies in helping fight against addiction.

However I don't think any single one thing will suddenly solve your addiction. Hypnosis may help, but it certainly isn't a cure. Achieving successful and lasting sobriety is about building an arsenal of tools that you consistently use to grow, develop and change - and in doing so will help rid you of the urge to drink.

Those tools entail the kinds of things you were taught at rehab and involve constantly working at your spiritual, mental and emotional aspects to undergo major and lasting inner transformation. Because change your inner world ... and your outter world will begin to look very different.

So what I'm trying to say is that there are no quick fix methods that will cure your addiction. Now if the tools you were taught in rehab like working a 12 step program via AA don't work for you (assuming you have given it a fair go) - then create your own.

There are loads of alcoholism self help ideas you can try and incorporate until you find what works for you ... from meditation, yoga, hypnosis, personal development classes, healthy eating, to finding a hobby you're passionate about.

But none of these things change you overnight. Keep doing them consistently and you will change, but it's a process. Overcoming alcoholism and then maintaining your sobriety is something you will need to keep working at for the rest of your life. There just simply isn't a quick fix unfortunately.

So find what works for you, and then understand you need to keep at it. Part of that may be to use hypnosis, but I certainly don't believe it to be a magic cure. You might find it helps you however, so I'm all for trying different things, so long as you don't lose sight of the ongoing commitment and effort it takes to ensure lasting change.

Best of Luck

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by: Anonymous

At last some sound, sensible advice. So many offer miracle cures and we need to be told it isn't easy, but that so many tools can help.

by: Anonymous

At last some sound, sensible advice. So many offer miracle cures and we need to be told it isn't easy, but that so many tools can help.

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